Changing seasons means changes in heating and cooling your home. Making sure your home stays warm in the cold months and cool in the hotter ones is an important factor in staying healthy and keeping your family healthy too. If you have very young children, individuals with special or medical needs can have their conditions exacerbated by extreme temperature fluctuations. Keeping your home at the perfect temperature means regularly scheduled appointments with a heating and air conditioning specialist like Hamilton Furnace & AC.

Air condition units vary in type, but one of the most common is central air condition. This system includes an outdoor component comprised of a compressor unit and an indoor component of an indoor coil, which is most commonly installed on your existing furnace.

Central air conditioning systems run on electricity and use refrigerant that is pumped through the system to gather unwanted moisture and heat, this moisture and heat is then carried to coil installed on your furnace where it is exchanged with the cooled air from the coil. This keeps you home cool and dry, reducing humidity and efficiently cooling your entire home, not just one area.

Your home’s air is also filtered through the use of a central air conditioning system, as air is pulled through filters, which catch unwanted dust and pollutants before it is sent back into your home. Individuals with allergies or other respiratory conditions can benefit from specialized filters designed to catch high levels of allergens.

Your furnace is an important part of your heating and

air conditioning systems. Your furnace heats your home through natural gas combustion in the burner contained within the furnace. This heat passes through the heat exchanger; air is then blown through the exchanger, heating the air, which is then blown black through your homes ducts, heating your entire home.

The blower in the furnace does not get a holiday, as it is the same one that returns the cooled air from the air conditioning coil mounted on the furnace. Maintaining the integrity and proper functioning of your furnace is important all year long.

Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance should be part of your regular home maintenance program. Regularly scheduled appointments can ensure that your furnace can keep up with heating and cooling needs and that both your systems are running at peak efficiency, not just regulating the temperature and humidity in your home, but keeping your utility costs low.