As one of the essential B-complex vitamins, biotin plays an important role in a number of health related aspects. Though the body produces small amounts of this vitamin naturally, and it's present in many foods and beverages, taking a daily supplement like those produced by vitamins can help ensure you're getting as much as your body needs. Biotin deficiencies have been linked to certain forms of dermatitis, dry eyes, hair loss and even depression.

Also known as vitamin H, biotin is believed to have a positive impact on hair and nail health. In addition to strengthening hair to prevent breakage during styling, this nutrient can potentially help ward off thinning locks by maintaining follicle vitality. It has also been said to fortify cuticles and build up weak or brittle nails. Skin can benefit from biotin as well because this element helps reduce the symptoms and appearance of acne and various rashes.

When combined with its fellow B vitamins, biotin is said to aid in warding off depression, anxiety and other neurological disorders by promoting proper functioning of the nervous system. It can also offer digestive and metabolic advantages, which may further explain the link between this vitamin and increased energy. Though this particular substance doesn't top the list of effective weight loss supplements, it could potentially be a liaison in the process by increasing metabolism.

Biotin has also been found to promote digestive system health. Since whole grains, beans and walnuts are primary sources of biotin, supplements containing the vitamin could help prevent deficiencies while also reducing the side effects of these foods for those suffering from IBS and similar gastrointestinal conditions. Studies indicate this member of the B-complex family can help regulate blood sugar levels when paired with a healthy diet and exercise, further supporting its possible weight loss benefits.

When considering taking a biotin supplement, it's important to search for one with no synthetic additives. Those manufactured in an FDA compliant facility under stringent guidelines can help reduce concerns over poor quality. Supplements from superiorlabs are housed in vegetable capsules rather than those made from animal by-products, so regardless of dietary needs and preferences, anyone can take action to prevent the negative effects of a biotin deficiency.