A free customized program to help with weight loss and making better lifestyle choices provides the tools that allow people to become healthier. When they sign up for the healthy life project, they gain access to a 12-week program that assesses their current lifestyle and guides them to more beneficial decisions. Someone who drinks too much alcohol, for instance, is urged to cut back. The individual can gauge dietary selections and the times of day he or she tends to eat the most calories. Activity levels also can be evaluated. A program participant can easily see where the problem areas are and start to make changes to lose weight and become more fit.

With a Free Weight loss Program that's customized for each participant, people can learn how to reduce calories in a healthy way while adding more exercise to the lifestyle. It's not good to crash diet, although some individuals try this in an effort to lose weight fast. They may lose the weight, but they have a strong tendency to gain it back because they have not learned to create a healthy diet for a general lifestyle. A personalized program gives guidance to someone who needs assistance in this area. The weight may not melt off in a dramatically rapid way, but the participant will feel good knowing that within a certain number of months, a specific weight loss goal will be achieved.

Someone may decide to join this kind of program if he or she has been successful in losing weight up to a certain point but has now hit a plateau. That's common when a person is experiencing ongoing weight loss. These individuals will probably need to up their activity level substantially if they don't want to reduce calories further. However, they may find areas in their diet to tweak. That might involve giving up sugared soda or pastries, or abstaining from alcoholic beverages, until they reach a certain weight. They don't have to feel totally discouraged about this decision, since they can eventually begin having those items as an occasional treat once they achieve their weight loss goals.