Kids, winter, and pyjamas don't always mix. It's hard to keep the pj's on the child and if you don't buy footie pj's, you can forget them keeping socks on at all pretty much. That is why footie pj's were invented and you can be sure that if you buy a pair of comfy, soft footie pj's then you will be sue that your child will stay warm this upcoming winter season. Below you will find some tips on where to buy hatley kids pyjamas online and keep your little one in their footie pj's this winter season.

Buy Personalized

The best thing about buying footies pj's is that you don’t have to buy them mass-produced. It is just as easy to buy these pj's personalized from any shop or site online. There is just something totally adorable about a little girl rubbing her eyes in front of the fireplace in her footie pjs on Christmas Eve. Your heart will melt when you see her in her pj's with one of her powell craft rag dolls under her arm as she heads up the stairs with visions of sugarplums in her little head.

Matching Outfits for Twins

If you have twins, you will quickly learn that matching footie pj's is the way to go. You can be sure that they will look adorable tumbling down the stairs with matching footie pj's on in the same color or character style. Even if you don't have twins there are many, many styles, sizes, colors, and types of pj's for you to choose from when it comes to footie pj's and the child that you love.

Go for Comfort

You will want to make sure that you go for comfort with your footed pj's. Make sure that the pj's fit the way that they should by checking that they are not too tight at the shoulders or the feet.

These are just a few of the ways that you can make your child happy with their pj's this winter season. Be sure to go for comfort and you will enjoy seeing your child warm and cozy in their pj's all winter long.