A traditional conference features a presenter delivering information in front of a screen to a mostly quiet and attentive audience. The format is similar for the Healthcare Analytics Summit, but there is a heightened sense of interaction. The interaction is what drives innovation and progression in the area of healthcare analytics. Experts want feedback at the event. They seek to better improve the systems on all levels, and that cannot be accomplished without validation from the high-profile attendance. Below are just a few methods used to keep interaction high, including a newly redesigned mobile app.

Free Mobile App

Smartphones are welcomed before, during, and after the event. Throughout the event, attendees will hopefully be looking over the specific health analytics event mobile app. The mobile app offers informative content, event updates, and other features. In regards to interaction, it delivers a platform for attendees to answer poll questions and respond appropriately.

During the event, attendees can interact with the mobile device. The event itself can change based on responses and data received from current attendees. For example, one speaker may ask through the device what topics everyone is most interested in. He or she will cater the conference to the top talking points established through the mobile app. The format gives the event an intuitive flexibility that is unrivaled.

During the Conference Interaction

Speakers may ask viewers to pull out their phones during certain events. There may be a question open in the app. The question, and subsequent poll results, will help further drive home a point of health analytics. Skeptical individuals will be able to see that what the speaker is touching on is happening right now. The demonstrations will play off the data. Sometimes, this can provide some excellent fodder for an alarming health trend. Everything is substantiated right there on the spot, developing a thoughtful and realistic understanding of adoptive models in healthcare.

Hopefully, the above has helped document Why it's important to attend healthcare analytics conferences. The Salt Lake City event in particular is a groundbreaking evolution in a profession being completely revamped. The tide is coming in. People are concerned over changes that will fundamentally shift the dynamics of the healthcare institution. Medicare is being limited, and Health Catalyst insurance costs are dramatically skyrocketing. If professionals can stick up for what matters, engage at influential events, and help steer the industry, perhaps everyone can avoid changes that only seek to undermine professional credibility.