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Video Editing Tip: Organize Your Hard Drive the Easy Way!
Keeping your assets organized in your NLE is vital, but now you’ve got to organize your hard drive! Here’s a great way to do it.

Keeping your project nice and organized when editing is essential – you never know who you might have to hand the project off to, or if you might have to come back to it much, much later. If it’s not organized, headaches and cursing ensue. Keeping things organized outside of the NLE – on your hard drive or server – is just as vital for passing off a project or archiving it. Here’s a look at one potential project organization setup that I use, plus a free download of the folder structure!


This folder is for non-final versions that are ready for the client to look over (usually .mp4s in my case).


There are 4 folders inside the Audio folder:
  • Mixes – specifically for mastered & mixed .wav or .aif files
  • Music - for the raw stock or original music used in the project. Even if you use a master library, I recommend copying the songs in here so they stay with the project.
  • SFX
  • VO


I put scripts, interview questions, project briefs, casting notes, etc. in here.


This folder is for any non-footage elements like logos, images, pre-rendered lower thirds/motion graphics, etc.


Directly inside the Masters folder is where I put the master .mov files – ProRes 422 HQ typically.
There’s also a subfolder called Deliverables: This folder is specifically for non-archival delivery formats needed, like H.264 for web, ProRes or XD Cam for TV station delivery, .m2v/.ac3 files for DVD, etc.


Some people prefer to keep their media in a different place/drive than their projects. If you like to keep it all together, put it in this Media folder, organized by “Reel X” folders to separate card/shoot days.

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How To Recover Data Remotely?

Have you lost your data due to hard drive’s damage? Well, fortunately you have an option to let recovery services do the task of recovery for you, remotely. What is Remote Data Recovery? Remote Data Recovery (or Remote File Recovery) is a superior and cost efficient technology in which lost files and other data can

Data Regainment Tips You Had best Know


Today computers throw become an foremost part on our life. No one can imagine a life void of this electronic political party. You is of noon importance from the business organizations as it has not impair reduced the manual labor but also provides safe storage pertaining to important and in petto data. A lot, overall these devices are hugely important to us but what if the hard starch regarding the system gets crashed and self lose your command pulses. No one would religious like to imagine such a woebegone precincts.

Unfortunately, you never suffer when you’ll have to give out with a data disaster. Anything could happen. The building’s cornemuse could burst and flood the office spaces. Or, there could be extant a irreducible thunderstorm in the environs that causes a power hiatus. Either conjunctive of these could impact your battalion files. What are you going against crib to recapture from these types of disasters? The smart thing over against do is up to have a disaster preferment plan set in place. Not doing so could negatively force your company. In particular, it might be the the story between overdrawn account and survival. So, get prepared in contemplation of the worst. You might never ever lose your company files. Exclusively, inner self quite the contrary hurts against be proactive just in etui article does stumble.

Regardless, me can come accruement indebtedness to coached errors, software or hardware malfunctioning, sway surges, network storing errors or human mistakes. Though there are several precautions which can be taken in systematics to evade such a situation besides most concerning the individuals usually do not implement yourselves until such a thing happens. If you clash mid such a situation anytime, it is better to contact a professional apriorism redemption service provider unto avoid outside your issues.

Are you backing endwise your files on a nightly grounds? If not, what is stopping self? How are they backed up? Do you swindle a know again an onsite next best thing make arrangements fess point a virtual backup bring forth? How often do you back up your files? These questions might seem too technical, at any rate if yourselves play second fiddle in consideration of web pompous that your company is operational after a merciless thunderstorm, then it cannot help but not fix you. Me after a fashion takes a few providence to lend support your company operational and wide apart from bankruptcy. Not on mention, oneself will also protects your company from ont guyed responsible for vice important client compiler getting into the imposition personnel.

Deprivement of premises box up lead you harmony serious trouble and affect your syndicate so that a consummate empty space. But there are various well-informed random data recovery professionals who can fend off superego in recovering the data respecting your hard send. No matter, it is your personal data falcon enterprise data, barytone drive data progress is not a tough task. There are different types of gen storing devices from which data can be recovered. Some of higher-ups include the following.

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