There are many things in life than can affect the health and appearance of people's natural hair. By understanding how certain actions and events will affect the hair, people can take steps to improve their hair's condition and keep it safe from damage. Even actions meant to keep hair in good shape can ultimately harm hair, so it is important for everyone to understand a few healthy hair tips and guidelines to keep hair safe.

Try to avoid stress as much as possible. Stressful conditions can badly affect hair and lead to hair thinning or breaking. While it is not feasible to avoid all stress in life, people should do their best to keep things stable and prevent too much emotional upset. For the unavoidable stressful situations, learning to meditate or use other stress-management techniques can be a lifesaver to people's hair. Reading a hair blog can also be a good way to find tips for handling stress correctly.

A recent trend that many women are following is using scarves, wraps or headbands to hold the hair back from around their faces. While this may look trendy and serve as a great way to keep frizz and flyaway hair from getting into people's eyes and faces, it can also cause hair to become weak and break. Women should limit their use of these hair accessories as much as possible.

Avoiding excessive heat on the hair is another important way to prevent hair damage. Using water that is too hot during shampooing can lead to weakened, unhealthy hair. In addition, hair dryers and hot water can cause hair to lose its natural oils that protect it and keep it from breaking. Using warm, not hot, water and lower the heat settings on hair tools are some of the best healthy hair tips available.

Towel drying is a quick way to weaken hair and create frizz. Hair is more fragile when it is wet and requires more careful treatments. Rather than rubbing hair dry with a towel or wrapping it completely, people should lightly blot their hair to remove excess water. This reduction in friction and humidity helps to keep hair smoother and stronger.

Healthy hair is one of the most attractive attributes that a person can have, but many common actions and activities can compromise hair's condition. Some healthy hair treatments include avoiding too much direct heat and friction, whether it be from hairbands, towel drying or hair dryers. By taking the time to learn about safe hair practices, it is possible to improve the condition of hair long-term.