Hair extensions are when a person takes additional hair and adds it to their own. This adds both length and volume, as well as new colors to the hair. This is able to be achieved by using a number of different methods. Some of the most popular methods are adding hair one strand at a time, braiding, clip in hair extensions, bonding, weaving and seamless. There are a number of variations of these methods, as well, which can be called all different names based on the stylist that is being used. Clip in hair extensions are the best out there.

In most cases, hair extensions will be attached by a professional stylist; however, there are now other options that are able to be applied at home. It is a good idea to keep human hair as the go-to extension, since it will look best with the natural hair on the head. However, for those who may have a smaller budget, but still want the look offered by these hair extensions, synthetic options are available.

If someone is getting their first hair extensions applied, the first decision is whether or not they will use a professional service. The next decision, is which type of application method they prefer. If a person has plans to put in their own extensions, then they may need assistance from a family member or a friend to ensure it is done properly.

Extensions can be purchased in different colors, or as the same color as the existing hair to help add volume and length. This is one of the biggest benefits offered by extensions of all types. If tape in hair extensions are selected, they can add a temporary boost to the existing hair to ensure the desired look is achieved.

The amount of hair that is needed will depend on the fullness and length of the person's hair. Also, the look they want to achieve. The general rule is that two to four ounces of new hair should provide plenty of volume for shorter hair, while six to eight ounces should be used to achieve a more natural look.

Take the time to find the right extensions to ensure that the look that is wanted is achieved. Don't settle for a subpar type or brand, since this will only lead to subpar looks. Taking the time to get to know a bit about the hair extensions will help anyone achieve the look they want for a price they are able to afford.