Gout is a painful swelling in the joints, caused by the accumulation of uric acid. It can attack the feet, knees, ankles, but especially the big toe. An episode can last months and adult men and the obese are those with the highest risk. Learn what food can cause gout and what gout remedies are available.


Seafood can be very harmful to the health of those who suffer gout. This is because they contain high levels of a substance called "purine", which breaks down in the body as uric acid. If you are not suffering from gout, you can consume some seafood, but do not abuse it. However, doctors recommend that intake does not exceed 4/6 pieces per week.


It has been found that beer doubles the likelihood of gout in vulnerable people with this disease. This happens for two reasons: because it increases levels of uric acid in the body and because it allows the body to block substances that clean up uric acid easily. The best choice is wine, but not too much, meaning you can have a drink at dinner, although many doctors directly prohibit alcohol if you have gout. There are other gout remedies on the market that might help counteract the use of alcohol.

Red meat

Meat has a high amount of purines, and other components that can produce cholesterol or weight gain. It is preferable to eat white meat (chicken or fish) and occasionally some red meat. Some experts advise no pork or beef, but some beef each week is accepted. As for turkey, this food is high in purines, so it is best not to consume it if you want to treat gout. People prone to this disease have to reduce the intake of farm animals or wildlife to a minimum. The "safer" options are chicken and duck. The leg piece is recommended before a breast.

Sugary drinks

Avoid all soft drinks containing corn syrup or fructose, also diet sodas and juices that are packaged. These drinks have many sweeteners that cause increased production of uric acid. The daily consumption of drinks with sugar or fructose increases the risk of gout, especially in women. A gout treatment will begin with this type of diet restriction.


In this group is also cauliflower, spinach and mushrooms, because they contain more purine than others. If you like these foods, you can reduce consumption without avoiding them altogether. Vegetarian diets help the excretion of purines. For your particular gout remedy, contact your local physician.