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New ink. ---------- 1. Lucy Vincent Beach. My favorite spot on planet earth. My happy place. 2. Five. My favorite number. My dad & brother's favorite number. Also, Thomas Edison had this tattoo (not on his finger). Edison invented the electric pen, which led to the tattoo gun. Shoutout @malbecben for the knowledge. ---------- Thank you @lemmegitit for the attention to detail! 👊🏼 Also, I need to pay rent.
SQUAD ---------- Hi friends – This Friday evening, I will be riding in the Cycle for Survival for the 2nd time with these crazy kids (& many others) from VaynerMedia. CFS is an incredible initiative that generates tens of millions of dollars each year for innovative & important rare cancer research. While these cancers are classified as "rare," their impact is not. Very few of us have NOT been affected in some way. Within my bio is a link to my fundraising page – any level of donation would be so so appreciated. (& I'll be sure to snap my way through the evening to bring you in on the experience.) Thank you in advance, on behalf of all the participants, volunteers, & organizers of CFS.
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