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Are 'Google Sniper' sites here to stay?

The typical cost per click is among the details you're able to include in your keyword research. There's a fine line between an excellent keyword and also a keyword that simply has an excessive amount of competition. You have to discover the keywords that land somewhere in the center between a nice number of searches and an excessive amount of competition. With this specific program, somebody enables ads to be set on their site or blog.

Traffic Ultimatum wants to be the following significant consideration to hit SEO and traffic generation. The world wide web is a huge stadium and there are infinite web business opportunities for each player as and when they're willing and prepared to see the sights. It really is direct, concise and a completely self-contained small business system. Set your business in the peak of succeeding and keep it there.

The online marketing consultants as well as the search engine optimizers are working extremely really hard to use the full potential of the software to promote their client's websites on the internet. It will be possible to accelerate your online earnings in a adept manner by way of this distinct effective on the web marketing plan. Now that's not credible as persons use various social networking tools to obtain in the marketplace. That is certainly how dependent individuals were in a world wide web. These organizations also supply jobs to quite a few people online. In these cases, somewhat additional traffic development can be required.

Someone who uses the rifle is recognized as sniper. In reality, there are several sorts of sniper rifles available which are manufactured all around the world. It has more videos and may guide you much more when compared with the very first version. It really is unique and I haven't seen other e-books having the exact idea. Ultimately, it is all a matter of what class of guide you'll need.

When the very first Google Sniper was released, it caused a bit of the stir in the online marketing community because of the strategy that's laid out. There's zero guess work required in your part and because website creation is done through the very easy to utilize Wordpress platform, no distinctive skills or knowledge are required. Regardless of what kind of online advertising you're doing, having an excellent list of targeted keywords is critical. By taking a good look on the advantages and cons of the unique internet advertisement product, you become absolutely sure that this may be the product which is worth your investment. They may be with several headers or designs but it all talks about the merchandise, services or anything which you are offering.

Rumors, Lies and Google Sniper

1 have you got a link to a different guide. This suggests that you can rank within the search phrase. Well the 1 way you are able to guarantee this will definitely happen is if you get on the very first page of Google. With all these, I really don't believe there is a Google Sniper scam. Because of this, you won't be paying different individuals to create you a sniper site.

It doesn't matter whether you have the optimal/optimally site with the outstanding content and the very best keywords in the maximum niche, in case you can't receive any eye balls on it. The truth is the fact that any keyword like that'll be hugely competitive. Of course there are a number of criteria for every keyword phrase. And in addition it means that links on this particular page may be cached each day or two. I'm not saying you ought to not check your AdSense account.

Google Sniper isn't an on-line game though it does sound to be an on-line video game. So should you are still searching for a way to earn money on the internet buy Google Sniper. Although that vastly is dependent upon which bonus offer you choose.

In case you are just starting with AdSense, you aren't likely to be much money. If you don't, you may either have ineffective campaigns or you also will waste plenty of money on pay-per-click campaigns, or both. The straightforward answer would be since you will become a lot more value for the money. Something else you might need to think about is the quantity of competition. You won't need to update it daily. It would not just save time plus effort, but additionally it hastens the campaign method.

When doing your keyword research be sure you carefully think about the parameters for the precise variety of campaign you're planning on running. Additionally, It will enable you to implement the method if you're a newbie. All this might be put with each other to offer you a snap shot about what keywords are excellent ones to really go after and which ones will probably be a waste of time.

Google Sniper works but it's still not enough if you'd like to be considered a millionaire. The most effective part is the fact that it works no matter what level you're in. The top part is it works. The top part is it works, plus it works big time. Well, lets not acquire dramatic.

Making Lots of Money with SEO and Affiliate Marketing

In case you're buying strategy to get-rich quick, SEO (Search Engine Marketing) is definitely the strategy to use. It is therefore very EASY to make bucket-loads of cold, income with Search Engine Optimisation! All you have to do is practice the checklist below, then relax and wonder at your-self as you gather wealth beyond your wildest dreams!

1 - No issue what, you certainly cannot value others; only yourself! You need to feign to care about the others, from really caring about them, but you have to refrain.

2 -You can just value money. And your-self. You can only value money and your-self... but mainly cash.

3 - Hardly understand the basics of SEO, then begin referring to yourself as an "Search Engine Optimization expert." The folks may follow.

4 - Generate a website, post a whole lot of "I rule at Search Engine Optimization" awards and badges that usually do not link to something, then get your site rank for long-tail key word terms like "Search Engine Optimization expert is more amazing than a pack of Camels and you'll be too" and "SEO expert is actually Luke Skywalker's father because Yahoo says so." You won't be taken any time whatsoever to rate for them by it and you can use them showing prospective clients since you rank first in Google for two wonderful, although not just one key word phrases that you can take them to the top of Google! Plus, your one-term states you may make them cooler than the usual bunch of Camels. Who could avoid tossing money at you to get that happen!?

5 - Place into practice just the things that are supposedly dated and call it a different approach: OES (Enhanced Motor Stuffs). For example; tell clients that Page Rank is really all that matters which if they see eco-friendly because pub, then they're golden! Whenever they they do not notice a green bar, then inform them it's because they don't have enough keywords stuffed in their meta tag. This will force you to sound all bright and "Search Engine Optimization-y" 'n things.

6 - Convince everybody to dismiss folks like Fishkin, Wil Reynolds, Matt Cutts, et al because what the-heck do these guys know, anyhow!? Psh. Nothing, that is what! You, however... you will make banking!

7 - Produce a WSO (Warrior Special Offer) that's comprised entirely of rehashed content from Google's Search Engine Optimization Beginner Guide and promote it to unsuspecting victims (reference point 1 above). Your standing as an "Search Engine Optimization guru" automatically gets a 1 with this.

8 - When hyperlinks are built by you, simply use the following list of link that is excellent -building opinions. Repeat and rinse between that listing of 20 and and that is all the work-you ever have to actually put in.

9 - finally, ensure your customers understand that there is no solution to monitor the work-you done-for them. Inform them that Search Engine Optimization is wonder and you are like a famous TV magician... simply without your own personal displays or specials, because Search Engine Optimization is just, "way too surprisingly-amazing to be observed." Inform your customer that Yahoo called you and told you said client is currently formally, "trendier than a pack of Camels."
BONUS: You have a huge trump card available, if everything else else fails. Simply tell your clients that for one large fee (something like $2.2 million* should suffice but make sure they understand this is an investment into their future!), you will-call Yahoo up personally and inform them to make certain your customer's website is listed in Yahoo and will be rated first for every duration they want to rank for. Clients fall for it each and every moment. Done and done!

That Europe bank account being opened by start, because you're-done! That is it! Just follow the steps outlined above in the event that you need to be one of the select few who may say you became a billionaire as a result of Search Engine Optimization and you will be ready to go! All that's while seeing the benefits misunderstood about Search Engine Optimization and wrong can be safely contributed to by you. What could not be worse!?

Questions About Google Sniper

What is GS 2.0?

Google Sniper is a method for getting free traffic to a site using a clever and effective SEO trick.  It was first popularized by George Brown (the author of the Google Sniper method and successful internet marketer) in 2009.  However, the latest version of the method (click here for more info) has been changed for 2013.

Basically, the method is about finding relatively un-competitive but valuable key phrases and building small simple sites optimized to that key phrase, which them appear on the first page of Google for those search terms and get lots of relevant free traffic.  Then, if you have chosen a good keyword and optimized the site well, it will appear high up in Google’s results for your target term and get a lot of free highly relevant traffic.

Here is an example of a well done Google Sniper site from Google on 18/JUN/13


The screenshot above is for the key phrase ‘tinnitus miracle’ a popular product for to help those who are suffering with tinnitus.  The first site in the image is ranked #3 and the second #4 on the first page of Google - just below two YouTube videos.

The top site is built using the Google Sniper method - and is currently (June 2013) out ranking the official site!

Does it still work?

Yes - but if you are going to build any sites like this then I recommend the latest version, not earlier versions of Google Sniper.  Click here for the most up to date version.

Above is an example of it working as we speak - that screenshot was taken in June 2013 and is of a site that follows the Google Sniper method exactly.

You will see loads of sites like this - proof that if done correctly, it still works.

How easy it it to make money with?

Getting highly targeted and relevant traffic to a site is the hardest part in trying to make money with online marketing - and the Google Sniper method solves this problem.  The method is all about how to get this kind of traffic free - which makes it even easier to make money.

If you pick the right keywords and set up the site correctly (both of which are covered in detail in Google Sniper 2.0) then getting traffic should not be a problem.  This guide really is good for anyone who has struggled to get relevant traffic to their sites.

Another strategy for making money fast with Google Sniper - which does not involve affiliate marketing or anything like that at all - is to build sites, get them a good rank and lots of traffic with the GS method and then sell them on sites like

How much time and money does it take before you can start earning?

The minimum investment is a domain name and hosting.  The GS method shows you how to get started and building an income or a site valuable enough to sell with only a domain name and hosting.

If you want to go after harder keywords, then you may need to invest in some link building tools or keyword research tools.  However, I have never paid for a keyword research tool - in Google Sniper 2.0 there are links to amazing free ones.  Personally, I only think additional tools are necessary (when using this method) when you are already earning enough money to pay for them - they are not needed when starting out and you can easily get to $1,000 a month before you need to invest in anything (in my experience).

Is Google Sniper for experienced users?

No - it is not.

Although I now build more complex sites, my first attempts at SEO and website building were after I read Google Sniper and followed the GS method exactly.

You don’t need to know how to build a site - GS recommends using simple tools like WordPress and has an in-depth tutorial of how to set up and optimize a WordPress site.

It is best for complete beginners to SEO/site building/Internet marketing and some intermediate users.  Someone with experience in SEO may take some pointers from it, but it’s probably not for them.

How Has Google Panda and Penguin affected the GS method?

Google Sniper 2.0 is updated for the most recent changes to Google - including Panda and Penguin.

If you get the latest version (click here to see it) then there are chapters on how to avoid penalties in Google that have come about in recent years/months.

The method still works though - here is another example of a successful Google Sniper site for a very competitive key phrase from this month:


Google Sniper Review

Google Sniper - What is it?

Google Sniper is both a course and an SEO method popularized by George Brown in 2009.


First you start by finding a lucrative keyword - something that has a good number of searches, sounds like the user is searching with the intention of buying something and not too competitive.

For example, ‘payday loans’ has a lot of search volume and the people typing this in are clearly looking for something you can easily promote - there is ‘purchase intent’.  However, it is very competitive - there are millions of other sites highly optimized to get traffic from this search term.

The basic idea is that you get a domain name the same as or very similar to your chosen target keyword.  Then build enough content for Google to index and rank it.  Perhaps add some links to the site too.

For the ‘payday loans’ keyword I mentioned earlier, you may decide to get the domain name ‘’ and set up s site with affiliate links to the best payday loan providers.

It’s not that simple though - George’s guide is over 100 pages long - but that is the basic idea.

Does it work though?

Yes - you will often see successful ‘sniper sites’.  In fact, just search for ‘payday loans’ and you should see a few on the first page.

for some keywords it can be hard, and others it can be easy - that is possibly the hardest part - choosing the right keyword to target.

I’m going to write more about Google Sniper - perhaps do a case study too.  So please check back soon!

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