Many people work jobs that require them to stand on their feet most or all of the day, which frequently plays havoc with the health of one's feet. Cashiers, sales clerks, hostesses, receptionists, doctors, nurses, waitresses - the list is endless. It is not an exaggeration to say that the majority of people who stand on their feet most of the working day often experience pain in their feet, backs, shoulders and joints. Unfortunately it isn't always possible to get a new job, so the task becomes one of trying to mitigate the effects that standing upon one's feet for long hours at a stretch has upon one's body. Other than joining a union and negotiating for better working conditions (usually not an option) the best thing most people can do to help themselves is to look for the best comfortable shoes for standing all day, and invest in one or more pairs.

This begs the question, what exactly are the best comfort shoes for standing all day? While the exact specifics might vary slightly from person to person, in general, comfort shoes have certain characteristics in common. For one, they're made of sturdy, lightweight and supportive materials that hold up, step after step, year after year. Two, they're structurally well made, and provide your feet the room they need in the toe, the necessary heel support and padding and a quality arch support.

The human foot is a complex network including over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, 33 joints and 26 bones. In fact, the foot contains over a fourth of all the bones in the entire body! To state that what affects the foot affects the entire body is not an exaggeration. Quality footwear should protect this all important support for the entire body, should have non-slip soles and cradle the foot in its proper relationship to the ankle, leg and rest of the body.

Good shoes for standing on feet all day are those known to hairdressers, nurses, waitresses and surgeons. Popular brands that multiple people recommend time and again include Crocs, Dansko, Vibrams, Bryar and Birki. Quality working professional clogs should allow the heel to slip in and most comfortable women shoes for standing all day out of the back, offering strong support without rubbing. People who suffer from middle foot neuralgia (metatarsalgia) need a supportive shoe that does not flex. Torsional stability is also an important feature for people who suffer from fallen arches, heel spurs or other plantar fascitis types of pain. More information about quality footwear can be found at