New Mexico dentist provide routine services to improve the overall oral care for their patients. These services range from simple options to evaluate the teeth to complex services to prevent further damage. An Albuquerque dentist offers these services to local patients everyday.

What to Expect During a Routine Checkup?

During a routine checkup, the dentist examines the teeth and gums. They determine if there are any visible signs of gum disease or oral cancer. If the patient is a smoker or uses tobacco products, the dentist evaluates the mouth for any signs of serious damage.

When are X-Rays Performed?

X-rays are performed during an annual check-up. They help the dentist determine if there are any structural changes in the teeth or gums. For younger patients, the dentist evaluates any adult teeth underneath the gum lines. They must ensure that these patients don't possess any conditions that could affect the development of their teeth in the future.

X-rays also identify the way in which wisdom teeth are growing. The dentist determines if they will become impacted and require extract soon. This makes it easier for the dentist to prevent the damage of surrounding teeth.

How Often Should Patients Receive Routine Cleanings?

For most patients, the dentist schedules cleaning twice a year. However, patients with existing gingivitis may undergo scaling and planing more often. Patients with uncontrollable diabetes may under go the procedure often to eliminate any possible infections.

Children that receive cleanings will also undergo fluoride treatments. These treatments help to strengthen the teeth. It also enhances the way their teeth develop. They are helpful for children who aren't receiving enough fluoride through brushing or their local water supply.

Injuries and Repairs

General dentistry offers immediate repair of any damaged teeth. This could involve drilling away debris and adding a filling. However, complex repairs may require more extensive measures. The Albuquerque dentist may recommend cosmetic services to fix these conditions.

Emergency oral care is available if the injury occurs after hours. If a patient's tooth is dislodged they have a small window of time to reinsert it. They should seek help from their dentist quickly and place the tooth in milk.

Routine dental services help New Mexico patients to maintain health teeth and gums. It also helps them to discover detrimental conditions at an earlier stage. Patients who wish to schedule these services should contact Terry Gomez DDS directly or visit for additional details.