Exercise refers to different movements done in repetitions. It is used to tone muscles, lose weight and raise the heart rate a bit. People exercise either at home or in a gym. You can use equipment such as a stationery bicycle or a treadmill or weights. You can participate in a class with an instructor or use a video and do the moves at home by yourself. Exercise helps people get into better shape and reduce risks of heart attack or diabetes. Some people are very successful with exercise and enjoy it. Yoga and Zumba, for example, are very popular with their own type of clothing and accessories. The majority of exercises are rote, specific to one part of the body, and boring. Most people start to exercise and stop relatively quickly.

Fitness, one the other hand, is a lifestyle that includes high intensity workouts that utilize the brain as well as the body. You vary your movements to improve your balance, your strength and your power. Fitness includes nutrition and health, along with a body that is in great shape. It is a holistic approach to living. It involves neurological fitness to improve agility and coordination, physical fitness to build flexibility and endurance, and the result of fitness that includes speed. It will push your boundaries safely, yet effectively. You will move faster, lift weights and build strength and stamina.

Golden Crossfit is an example of what fitness looks like in action. Beginners start with a free week of foundations courses to learn positions and proper body mechanics of movement. Class 1 is different squats. Class 2 is presses and jerks. Class 3 is weight lifting stances and techniques. It als includes orientation to the gym and to the equipment used. After that, you are welcomed to attend any classes you want. Classes are small and can be scaled down to accommodate the fitness levels of everyone in the class. All classes are one hour and include warm up, cardio work out, strength training, and a cool down. Classes vary, so you will work out your entire body and not get bored. Locations include CrossFit in Golden Colorado, Crossfit in Arvada, and Crossfit in Lakewood.

Crossfit training is more expensive than your ordinary gym, but well worth the investment. Fees vary, of course, but you can typically find several options for membership. There are unlimited options for individuals or couples, punch card options, and fees for hourly personal training sessions. You can pay month-to-month or decide on 6 or 12 month options.