While some historic homes are equipped with wood-framed windows set with single panes of glass, most have modernized as better glass options have become available that are more energy efficient and better at keeping out weather extremes. Modern homes have glass windows and doors that are manufactured with newer glass that far outperforms its predecessors. Whether it be a new installation, a repair or a replacement, there are important factors to consider whenever glass is involved. The best way for a homeowner to determine the correct type of glass to be used in a particular application is to discuss his project with a representative from a respected glass company atlanta ga.

One of the best providers of atlanta glass and mirror is the family owned company of CHC Glass. For nearly 40 years, this company has been working to provide Atlanta area homes and businesses with the modern glass resources they require. Modern glass provides a number of key benefits, many of which home and business owners are unaware–but which a glass company professional will readily indicate. For example, perhaps the greatest change in glass over the years has to do with energy efficiency. Many homeowners are shocked to discover that when they replace their old, drafty windows with modern, double-pane windows, some of which come with argon gas between the panes, that their monthly power bill drops by as much as 30-40 percent.

As any Atlanta Glass and Mirror professional can attest, glass has advanced, technologically speaking, in keeping with the rest of technology. Not only is it more energy efficient, but it is now much stronger than ever before. Modern glass can be tinted to block the rays of the sun to save not only interior heat buildup, but also, furniture, draperies and carpeting from being bleached by the sun's rays. Other glass has low emissivity. It reflects as much as 70% the sun's heat away from the interior while still emitting a full range of light. Tempered glass is available for glass windows, doors and surfaces subject to breakage, and instead of breaking into shards, it crumbles into pellets for safety's sake.

A top Atlanta glass dealer has not only exterior glass available to serve a homeowner or business owner's needs, but also glass for interior purposes as well, such as custom table tops, custom framed or frameless glass shower enclosures, custom mirrors, etc. In addition, they can install, replace or repair large sheets of glass such as are customary in downtown storefronts. Look for a glass supplier who is licensed and insured, and who provides services such as glazing and tinting. Typically people are the most pleased with their glass installations when they deal with qualified professionals in the field.