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Girlfriend Activation System V2 - A Quick Review Of Christian's New 23 Part Course

Real quick guys, I wanted to give you a brief rundown of the 23 parts that make up the new version of the Girlfriend Activation System so you can get a feel for what's taught in the course.  

The course was filmed during an actual 2 day seminar put on by Christian, so I've broken things into 2 posts, one for each day of the actual seminar. 

Girlfriend Activation System (Day 1: Parts 1-11)

1.)  Introduction

This is an 11 minute video where Christian introduces himself, tells you about his background (including his involvement in a jello-shot company), and provides and overview of the Girlfriend Activation System.

2.)  Masculine Power

This is a 17 minute video where Christian talks about a woman's obsession story and what it means to be a man who women obsess over.  He begins to demonstrate the traits of an "obsession-worthy" man.

3.)  Masculine Power (Continued)

This is a 46 minute video where Christian continues to demonstrate the traits that make you the type of man women obsess over.  He gives you 6 elements that make up masculine power and demonstrates how to display these to a woman when you are interacting with her.

4.)  Q&A With Alex

This is a 4 minute question and answer session with a girl named Alex.  Alex is the woman Christian pulls from the audience to help him demonstrate some of his techniques.  He gets her thoughts and insights on how some of his techniques made her feel.

5.)  Nick Sparks On Sexuality

This is a 36 minute video where coaching legend Nick Sparks talks about sexuality and how its the one trait of an obsession worthy man that separates those who get the girl from those who end up in the friend zone.

6.)  Jason On Being A Challenge

This is a 48 minute video where Jason Capital demonstrates how to be a challenge to women to spark attraction and keep her intrigued and interested.

7.)  Alex On Being Genuine

In this 56 minute video, Alex Allman explains how to let down your guard without giving away your power.  Excellent presentation!

8.)  David On Dominance

In this 45 minute video, David Wygant discusses dominance and its importance to being a man women obsess over.

9.)  Boyfriend Material

This is a 25 minute video where Christian explains the 7 things all women want and why you have to not only be an obsession-worthy man, but also a great boyfriend if you want to keep any girl.

10.)  Q&A

This is a 15 minute video where Christian answers questions from the audience.

11.)  The Obsession Story

This is a 41 minute video where Christian starts to pull everything together by giving an overview of the 3 important layers of the dating game (the obsession story, investment, and check points).

For a review of the Girlfriend Activation System Day 2 (parts 12-23), click here.

Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS) Official Website

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Girlfriend Activation System 2.0 - Christian H. Releases Second Version Of His Popular GFAS System

The Girlfriend Activation System Version 2

Hey guys!  It's here...and it's awesome!

If you've followed any of my posts, you already know Christian had a second version of his Girlfriend Activation System in the works.  Editing is complete and GFAS 2.0 has now been uploaded to the member's area.  (The video above is a short trailer for the program, so check that out)

In the coming days I'll be writing more, but wanted to give you a quick rundown of what to expect if you've been thinking about getting Christian's program.

The new version of the Girlfriend Activation System has been completely redone from the ground up.  This means better audio and video quality along with PDF transcripts/slides, a lot more content, live examples and demonstrations of techniques with female members of the audience, and extra tips and techniques from not only Christian, but also other well-known experts like Nick Sparks, Alex Allman, David Wygant, and Jason Capital, author of Make Women Want You

Girlfriend Activation System V2 is now a 23 part course, whereas the first version consisted of only 6 parts.  Better yet, version 1.0 is still available in the members area so you actually get access to both versions now for the same price.  

For a breakdown of the new Girlfriend Activation System 23 part course, read this post.

Date The Girl You Think You Can't Have (Men's Health)

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  • A Friend's Ex
  • A Friend's Sibling
  • A Close Friend
  • A Coworker
  • An Intern
  • Your Boss
  • A Sister's Friend
  • An Ex's Friend
  • Your Own Ex

This article by Men's Health provides a few quick tips for dealing with these situations...




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How Much Does The Girlfriend Activation System Cost?

Today's GFAS Question From A Reader

Hey man, I've been checking out some of Christian's stuff and was just wondering what's the price to get his Girlfriend Activation System?  Any trial offers available?  Gotta know if this girl I'm chasing is worth it!  *lol* - Scott

Hey Scott, 

As I write this, the Girlfriend Activation System is a one-time $67.  (Is she worth it?  Had to ask. :))

Just to clarify, that's USD.  Not sure what country you're from, but if you need to convert that to your local currency, you can use this handy currency converter.

That price includes unlimited access to the 6-part, 23-part Girlfriend Activation System video and audio training, the 5 bonuses Christian mentions in his video, and full access to the private forum where you can ask questions and get a lot of help from guys who are really good at this stuff.  Pick their brains while you can!

Plus, inside the member's area there are an additional 7 bonuses Christian doesn't even mention in the video.  

I'm not aware of any trial memberships, but GFAS does come with a 365 day money back guarantee if you're skeptical about trying it.

I hear there's a new version coming in 2014 that might be more expensive.  Those who have already purchased the program before the new version comes out will get a free upgrade and won't have to worry about any potential price increases.


Update To The Above Post: Girlfriend Activation System 2.0 has now been released.  The old 6-part course and the new 23-part course are both accessible from inside the member's area.


Click here to lock in the lowest price at the official website...

Girlfriend Activation System V2 Review - Day 2 (Parts 12-23)

Below is a quick breakdown of Parts 12-23 in the new, updated version of GFAS.  If you missed the breakdown of parts 1-11, click here.

Girlfriend Activation System (Day 2: Parts 12-23)

12.)  Introduction To Day 2

In this 15 minute video, Christian recaps what was taught in Day 1 and gives an overview of the content coming up in parts 13-23.

13.)  Impression

In this 5 minutes video, Christian talks about how to approach a woman and the importance of standing out by making a strong, memorable, and lasting impression.

14.)  King Game

This is a 45 minute video where Christian discusses what he calls "King Game" and how women are attracted to men of high value and status.  He reveals how to be the "king" in any social situation and a unique approach to actually get women to approach you.

15.)  Nick On Impression

In this 32 minute video, Nick Sparks takes over once again and offers his own tips and insights on approaching women and making a great impression.

16.)  What To Say

In this 27 minute video, Christian discusses how to talk to women and answers the age-old question of, "What do I say to her to start a conversation?"

17.)  Resetting Impression

If the woman you want currently has you in the "friend zone", this is the part of the Girlfriend Activation System you'll want to pay close attention to.  In this 17 minute video, Christian gives you his best techniques for resetting impression so she views you in a whole new way.

18.)  Inspection

In this 13 minute video, Christian talks about phase 2 of the obsession story (inspection).  It's about giving her space and creating mystery so you can pass any and all "tests" she might put you through.

19.)  The First Date

This is a 33 minute video all about the first date.  More specifically it's about eliminating fear and anxiety and creating an atmosphere and experience she'll totally love.

20.)  The Social Date

In this short 5 minute video, Christian shows you how to use a social date with a bunch of friends to get a girl even more invested in you.

21.)  The Sex Date

In this 21 minute video, Christian gives you the step-by-step blueprint for creating a date that turns up the heat and has her waking up next to you tomorrow morning.

22.)  Intimacy

In this 14 minute video, Christian talks about the final phase of the obsession story and the 2-6 week period where you go from dating to "being official" with the girl you want.  Christian gives you the do's and dont's of this phase to ensure she actually becomes your girlfriend.

23.)  Conclusion

Pretty straightforward here.  In this 4 minute video, Christian wraps up the training, ties everything together, and leaves you with some final thoughts on how to get a girlfriend using the Girlfriend Activation System.

That about wraps it up.  As always, explore some of the other posts on this page if you want to learn more about the program or click here to visit the official Girlfriend Activation System website and meet up with Christian.

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