There have been many times over the years that folks from the sports world have crossed over into the acting realm to become Hollywood stars. That holds true for the athletic people who compete in the sport of bodybuilding and in this piece, we will be taking a look at the top five bodybuilders who would become a part of the Hollywood elite. We will take a look at a hulking actor, a man who would become a terminator, a herculean actor, a man who would challenge Batman and a bodybuilder who would battle to Hollywood icons on the big screen. Without any further interruption, lets get this list started with actor number five...

#5: Bolo Yeung

Bolo Yeung, prior to entering the world of big screen films, was known as the ten time (in a row) winner of the Mr. Hong Kong bodybuilding competition - Yeung would gain a lot of attention in the 70's, 80's and parts of the 90's for his roles in some great action movies. His first role of prominence came as an adversary of the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee in the film "Enter The Dragon." Yeung would also battle the action icon Jean Claude Van Dam in the movie Bloodsport, a movie widely considered to be one of the greatest martial arts flicks of our time.

#4: Ralf Moller

Ralf Moller was a mainstay of the German bodybuilding scene in the 70's and 80's, eventually winning the German Bodybuilding Championship in 1984. Moller's biggest impact in Hollywood came in a role alongside Russell Crowe in the film Gladiator and as one of the soldiers in the action film Universal Soldier. Moller almost got the role of a lifetime as the T-1000 in The Terminator films, but the director opted to go with Arnold Schwarzenegger instead. Moller is still on the film scene today, last appearing in the 2014 action film sabotage with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

#3: Steve Reeves

The late Steve Reeves, who sadly passed away in 2000 at the age of 74, won the 1947 AAU Mr. America competition before pursuing acting in 1949. Reeves, in a funny story, would train under the great actor Stella Adler, but would later have his money refunded by the actor because it was thought he did not have the skills to be on the big screen. Reeves would go onto portray the legendary Hercules in a variety of feature films and would be the inspiration for many bodybuilders (including #2 on this list) to become actors.

#2: Lou Ferringo

Lou Ferringo, best known for his portrayal of The Incredible Hulk on the TV show of the same name won a plethora of bodybuilding championships from 1971 through 1993. Ferringo would portray the character Hercules in a few feature films and has even popped up in several Marvel movies, including The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk and The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Ferringo would make his feature film debut in a documentary put out by the man who is #1 on the list...

#1: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Call him the governor, an actor or a bodybuilder...but there is no argument that Arnold Schwarzenegger in the most successful bodybuilder turned actor. Arnold would win such prestigious tournaments as Mr. America and Mr. Universe a total of 11 times before transitioning to acting. As an actor, Arnold has had a plethora of memorable roles such as the T-1000 in The Terminator franchise, as Trench in The Expendables series, as "Dutch" in Predator and to many more to list here. You add in the fact that Arnold would also become the governor of California and there is no arguing the success of this former bodybuilder.

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