Bodybuilders have seen several anabolic steroids come and go. Despite their potency and being very effective in delivering desired results, there have just been some that were more harmful than beneficial to the human body. One of these steroids is parabolan. This anabolic steroid had its time of fame but was cut short.

Trenbolone is commercially sold as parabolan. This is an anabolic steroid which was initially used on cattle to develop muscle, increased appetite and mineral absorption. Seeing its effects, a French pharmaceutical company manufactured Tren Hex under the name parabolan and became the first Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate option sanctioned for human consumption.

The French medical world used parabolan - to help patients suffering from malnutrition, osteoporosis and diseases that were causing the muscles to be unusable. Since parabolan was more potent than testosterone in the production of male hormones, concerns of its use on young female patients were not absent. However, during the 1980's and 1990's, there was a strong and radical opposition to the use of steroids on patients and by athletes. This resulted to the termination of production of steroids like parabolan and several other anabolics.

Although it is no longer produced in France, there are still other countries that sell parabolan. This is so due the high demand from athletes and bodybuilders who crave for the results that only this anabolic steroid can offer. Requiring only a minimum dose to see physical improvements, it is no wonder that parabolan is still being manufactured for its limited clientele.

Bodybuilders use parabolan for bulking, strengthening and attaining lean mass. Since there is no water retention when using parabolan, users do not experience bloating. Just like other steroids, it is best when partnered with a good exercise regimen and a balanced food intake.

If one needs to shed off some pounds, parabolan is a great tool. Called as the "Nectar of the Gods", this product is effective in fat loss which results to superior cuts in the human physique. Those who compete vouch that this steroid is a necessity for supreme leanness.

One must also be aware of the side effects of parabolan. It can cause acne, hair loss and hair growth in places where there should be none. Users must also be careful of the development of a high cholesterol level and high blood pressure. Bodybuilders and athletes can also experience palpitations, sleeplessness, anxiety and nocturnal sweating. All these secondary medical effects are risks that one acquires with every dose of parabolan.

It is understandable and basic that when athletes and bodybuilders aim for that optimum physical condition, they will need the aid of anabolic steroids for rapid and better outcome. Although that Adonis body and bear-like strength is possible through natural means, man will always opt for the magic of steroids. On the other hand, despite the extremely satisfying outcome of taking parabolan, one must take into account the consequences of making anabolics part of a healthy regimen in his quest for a long and healthy existence along with a totally balanced bodily state.