Anadrol is a well-known androgenic steroid that is used for a variety of purposes, right from medication to body-building. It was developed in the 1960s. Its actual name is Oxymetholone but it is known by many of its brand names including Anapolon and Androyd. When it was introduced, it became very popular and received approval from Food and Drug Administration (USA) as well. It has been used by athletes and body builders for utilizing its andrognic properties as well.

Medical uses
In the initial days of its introduction, it was a popular drug for combating thinning of bones (osteoporosis) and shortage of red blood cells count (anemia). It was also administered to undernourished patients whose body was not showing any inclination for growth. It had received clearances from the authorities for medical use.

Androgenic properties
There are many professionals and amateur body builders who use this steroid for gaining muscle mass. Many people lack the ability to develop or increase weight of their own. They try different things including proper diet and lifestyle. When they find no better way, they resort to Anadrol. It has a huge fan following across the globe.

Another advantage of using Anadrol - is that it helps in gaining weight at a faster rate. This makes it even more popular as most of the people want to see result in a short of span of time. If not assisted with a steroid, body building is a long term activity. However, when combined with supplements, anybody can develop a great body in a matter of few months.

How to take Anadrol?
It is mostly sold and taken in oral form. It can be taken with plain water but for those who feel uncomfortable with it and experience stomach upset, it can be taken with milk or food as well. About dosage, you can consult your doctor to get an idea about your medical condition or body requirement. Different people may show different response to this steroid. For some people, the result is nearly immediate, that is, in a couple of weeks while many others may take months to see or experience the same. Ideally, a dosage cycle of about 2 to 3 months is continued and then a conclusion is drawn as to the effectiveness of this steroid. The dosage has to be taken without break at the same time of the day during the cycle.

Are there any side effects?
Yes there are a few side effects including lethargy and head ache but they are 'probable' side effects. It is not necessary that you would definitely experience them. Remember that abuse of any steroid would certainly bring in side effects. One thing you should stay away from while consuming this drug is its abuse. There are desperate people who want overnight result and abuse the steroid. They regret this greed when side effects creep in.

All in all, when taken according to the experts' advice, Anadrol would be very useful and give you the perfect masculine body you have been dreaming of. Millions of people around the world have benefited from Anadrol, and you can be one of them.