Depending on your point of view, being a single person is not that bad at all, but unfortunately we are not here to discuss dating and relations, but steroid cycles. More importantly, we are going to be looking at several examples of what are primarily called single agent steroid cycles. In this piece you we be reading on in, we will not only be looking at the cycles themselves, but the "why" behind the cycles and how they will help those who are going to be going through them all. So, without any further introductions or interruptions, let's take a look at some of the best single agent steroid cycles around today. A quick side note for those who may not know what exactly a single agent steroid cycle - is, it is a cycle that will only feature a single anabolic steroid being used from the first week to the final week, it seemed pretty simple without the explanation, but there is nothing wrong with playing it safe in the end.

#1: Dianabol Cycle For Mass

Weeks 1 & 2: 10mg of Methandrostenolone per day
Weeks 3 & 4: 15mg of Methandrostenolone per day
Week 5: 20mg of Methandrostenolone per day

This first cycle is a truly simple one for building muscle mass and it is going to produce noticeable muscle growth for the first time users. Reports from past people's usage has shown around ten pounds of gains during the first use and although this is a beginner's cycle (which the majority will be in this piece), Methandrostenolone is a serious steroid and it should be taken seriously as well.

#2: Testosterone Cycle For Mass

Weeks 1 & 2: 200mg of Testosterone per week
Weeks 3-5: 300mg of Testosterone per week
Weeks 6 & 7L 350mg of Testosterone per week

A quick side note before we discuss this cycle here, when you are choosing which kind of Testosterone to use, you can choose between Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate. The gains from this cycle are very similar to the first cycle we talked about in this piece, but you can go through this cycle with less strain on the cardiovascular and hepatic systems. Another thing to consider is that of all the cycles we will be taking a look at in this piece, this cycle will feature less side effects in comparison to the others.

#3: Sustanon 250 Cycle

Weeks 1 & 2: 250mg of Sustanon 250 per week
Weeks 3-8: 500mg of Sustanon 250 per week
Week 9: 250mg of Sustanon 250 per week

Sustanon 250 is essentially a form of Testosterone that is popular in Europe and other countries that are outside of the United States. Sustanon 250 has a little bit of issues with the users because of the potentially hazardous side effects, especially in the cardiovascular and other systems in the body.

#4: Oxymetholone Cycle

Weeks 1-3: 50mg of Oxymetholone per day
Weeks 4-6: 75mg of Oxymetholone per day

In the bodybuilding community, Oxymetholone is widely considered by all of those within the community to be the most potent mass building steroid around. Oxymetholone gains for first time users can be up to twenty pounds total, but side effects in both the estrogenic and androgenic area are common with those who are using the stuff. Oxymetholone has also been known for inducing strong cardiovascular and hepatic stress for those who have previously used the stuff.

#5: Stanozolol Cycles

Weeks 1 & 2: 8mg of Stanozolol per day
Weeks 3-6: 110mg of Stanozolol per day

This is one of the more common cycles for professional athletes who are using Stanozolol like substances for the first time, bodybuilders also use this substance for lean mass building or for cutting purposes. Stanozolol cycles are less common in the United States now, but are still fairly common in Europe, it is also avoided by a lot of bodybuilders because of how low the dosage amount is.

So, there you have it folks, five single agent steroid cycles, which should be used more by those who are new to the steroid universe than those who are veterans of that universe. A couple quick notes as we are coming to a close here, with the first being a little bit of a health warning. That health warning that should be disclosed is that if you are doing one of the above cycles or any other steroid cycle for that matter, please consult a medical professional to make sure that your body can handle it and if something on the bad side happens, then get to a hospital as quickly as you can to make sure that you are administered the proper treatment. Steroids can be the best tool around for building the perfect body, so take advantage of these cycles to build that perfect body.