It has been nearly ten years since the definitive documentary about the world of steroids was released and that documentary was titled "Bigger, Stronger & Faster." The documentary was released in January 19th, 2008 and nearly a decade later, the documentary is still widely considered to be the best ever on the topics of bodybuilding and steroid usage. The film primarily focuses on the two brothers of director Christopher Bell, those brothers are Mike Bell and Mark Bell. Mike Bell was a professional wrestler known as "Mad Dog" Mike Bell, who wrestled from the early 90's to around 2001.

Mark Bell competed in the world of professional bodybuilding as well as a pro wrestler, he retired from the sport of bodybuilding in 2014. Sadly, Mike Bell would pass away at the age of 38 years old at a rehabilitation center in the state of Florida. The documentary primarily focuses on the two brothers lives, as well as the role of steroids in other professional sports like baseball, football and other such sports. One of the more surprising aspects of steroid use that the documentary examines is the role, or lack thereof, that the United States had at the time when it came to steroid regulation. Read our nandrolone review here -

Even more shocking is that the documentary provides a stunning look into the amount of time and effort people will put into steroid use to gain an advantage in professional sports or even in an attempt to gain the perfect body. There are plenty of sports personalities and celebrities mentioned in the movie like professional wrestling star Hulk Hogan, former governor, bodybuilder and current action star Arnold Schwarzenegger, action star Sylvester Stallone and even longtime professional golfing star Tiger Woods. Outside of the looks at the world of bodybuilding and steroid usage, the film also take a peek at laser eye correction, usage of blood pressure controlling drugs, cortisone shots dependence and a few other things.

The documentary was released and immediately upon its release, was heralded as an amazing eye opening look into the world of bodybuilding and steroids. The movie was generally given great reviews amongst fans and the Hollywood elite, making it the best known documentary on the subjects of steroids and bodybuilding. There was an after effect for some who appeared in the documentary, but beside the passing of Mike Bell, one of the most interesting ramifications came to a former bodybuilder and actor known as Christian Boeving. Following his appearance in the documentary, Boeving was released from his sponsorship deal by MuscleTech after the bodybuilder and actor admitted to using steroids in the film, which was a prominent feature in the film.

Following the success of Bigger, Stronger, faster...director Chris Bell would move onto creating a documentary about the world of medicine known as Prescription Thugs. Bodybuilding and steroid use are hot topics nowadays in the world of sports, but there was always a shroud of secrecy around the respective topics until this documentary came out and shed a whole new light on both worlds. Bigger, Stronger, Faster was a simple little documentary that was released nearly a decade ago and many years since the films release, the world of steroids and bodybuilding have undergone some major changes and while it may not have started the change for both, it definitely lit the spark.