Like many of the products offered by the Crazy Mass ProHormones website, Clenbuterol is a great product for body builders, but body builders are not the only ones who can get a benefit from it. As every weightlifter know, there are a lot of legal complications that come with being caught using the product. Almost everyone knows that certain cold and sinus medicines are used in the production of methamphetamines. Sudafed being the most obvious product used in the production of the illegal drug. Users will be relieved to know that this product contains no ephedrine.

Why does this matter? Although this product is used by athletes of all types to increase muscle mass and improve performance, it can also help people lose weight. For some people, it might be the answer to their obesity Diet pills often contain this dangerous substance, whether they are prescription or not. The old over-the-counter types of diet pills often contained caffeine, which helped suppress the appetite. Most over-the-counter diet drugs have a short life in this country, and many of the supplements marketed by Dr. Mehmet Oz are of dubious value.

Clenbuterol - works like having just a little more thyroid hormones than a person needs. It does not increase these hormones that control metabolism, but it does contain precursors to chemicals that boost the body's metabolism. Boost metabolism makes the body use its fuel more efficiently. If a person cuts down his or her caloric intake while taking the product, he or she will lose weight. She may even lose weight faster than she would just through exercise and calorie counting alone. Users should remember that all attempts to lose weight rely on using more calories than a person consumes, and it is always wise to talk with a physician before beginning any exercise routine.

Because the product contains no ephedrine local, state and federal drug enforcement agencies do not care how many bottles of the supplement come into the home. Unless the person has knowledge of nuclear fusion, chemistry and access to items that have never been invented, it is unlike a user could make illegal drugs out of this particular item. No unexpected visits from heavily armed and armored gentlemen should interrupt the sleep of Clenbuterol users, unless they are doing some other highly illegal activity. If it does happen, at least the user will look good as the officers handcuff him.

Clenbuterol can help a person lose weight and boost performance. It does not matter if someone is trying to break through the muscle mass plateau or to break through the weight loss plateau, this product can help either type of user reach his or her goal weight. It can take one to two months for a user to achieve full results. The user must take it as directed and follow the instructions given by his doctor and his personal trainer as well as following the instructions the package. Keeping an eye on the scale at the gym is also important.