There is no doubt about it that the majority of folks who are hitting the gym everyday has used prohormones on route to building the awe inspiring body. While there is nothing wrong with using prohormones, for the most part, this is something that is inherently wrong with the lack of knowledge that the prohormone users have about the fellow who first created the stuff. Luckily for everybody who is checking out this piece right now, we are going to be putting the very bright spotlight on the man who created prohormones and that man is known as Patrick Arnold. So, let's all grab our favorite snacks and drinks, then let us step into the proverbial time machine and let's travel to where it all began, back when the creator of prohormones - was born.

Unfortunately, the time machine is acting a little funky here because it is unclear on the exact day that the chemist was born, but that's fine because it's time to jump to the time where Arnold was eleven years old, because that is where the real story begins. At the age of eleven years old, Patrick's father gave the future chemist a weight set, the first he had ever had, but while he worked out strenuously to build that perfect body, he would not get the results he wanted.

It was his anxiety that continued from the late seventies to the early eighties that would lead to Patrick experimenting with protein diets to help him build that body he was yet to achieve. Depending on which story you believe, we will go with the most commonly told version here, Patrick would take his workouts to the gym and when he met a bodybuilder who was a part of the steroid world, he would start taking steroids and would find success quickly enough. Many people who are friend and foe of the future chemist would argue that this is where the man's fascination with steroids and chemistry would begin, a lifelong fascination at that. Time to now advance in our time machine because now we are in the year 1990 and that is where our future chemist would shed the future label and become an actual chemist. Patrick would attend the University Of New Haven in Connecticut, where he would graduate with a bachelor's degree in chemistry, now we have to move from the great state of Connecticut to another great state in New Jersey.

Patrick would move to the East Coast to take a job at an unspecified laboratory, but the job allowed him tons of free time to research performance enhancing drugs, or PED's. Although the chemist did graduate for the University Of New Haven in 1990, Patrick would take more chemistry related classes both at his alma matter and in Montclair University out of New Jersey. Patrick's knowledge in the world of PED's would continue to grow to the point that he would start gaining knowledge about substances that were used outside of the United States as well. Then in the year 1996, Patrick would become fast friends with a man by the name of Dan Duchaine, who would then introduce him to the owner of Osmo Therapy, Stan Antosh. Antosh would become a huge influence on Patrick because he would convince Patrick to move and perform further PED research in a place called Bar North America in Seymour, Illinois. Patrick would catch the eye of professional sports athletes a short time later, most notably baseball legend Mark McGwire after Patrick created a substance known as androstenedione, this would cause financial missteps for the chemist.

The financial missteps happened because the substance that Patrick created was sold as an ingredient to other supplement makers, which means that Patrick created a substance that he cannot make money off of. Patrick would start making money from his creations in 2001 when he created another substance, this time the substance was 1-Andrestenediol. The sad thing about this for Patrick anyway was that a few years later in 2005, the United States Government passed the Controlled Substance Act and Patrick's creation was banned before it could gain any true traction in the anabolic substance universe. Interestingly enough for Patrick, it would be his relationship with the infamous Victor Conte that would lead to the most notoriety of his chemistry career. The relationship with Conte would lead to Patrick being jailed for three months by the federal government for his role in the BALCO scandal, which nearly destroyed professional baseball during the home run chase. All that Patrick would do for Conte is provide the man with some supposedly undetectable drugs, but when Conte was prosecuted by the government, it would entangle Patrick as well and thus the aforementioned jail time would give the chemist his most notoriety to date.