Every keyword in a directory is scored from 0 to 10 based on a variety of merits. These include how popular it is, how solid the content is using these keywords, and the level of competition. Popular marketing resources use these rankings to create effective landing pages to drive traffic and success. The below covers how this two seemignly unrelated SEO matters fit together like two soulmates.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a website that is usually just a single page. It typically prompts a user to commit to a single action, and is designed to funnel users to another source.

What is scoring in Google?

Google has a sometimes hidden ranking for every page on the Internet. This is ultimately reviewed by its algorithm to determine how valuable and relevant this content would be for its users. Google would not work if a user searches a term and gets unrelated or mediocre content. Google truly only works because of how perfected and detailed its ranking algorithm is. Google applies this score to every potential keyword of choice and how it applies to a website. So a score typically ranges from 1 to 10 (0 is theoretically possible, but incredibly rare- the website would have to be blank of any text). As the score increase the relevance of that particular keyword increases as well.

Google, obviously, favors higher rated content. It will place a greater emphasis on it in the search engines. In other words, it will rank on the first page for visitors using that particular keyword. Content can rank high here, but it is imperative a marketer keeps growing other areas to pad that high rank. These include meta tags, good layouts, content, etc.

How do these work together?

A landing page needs to be optimized to apply a balance of keywords that rank high as well as low. Sometimes, a marketer will use one keyword per landing page and apply an assortment of various landing pages in the overall campaign. This strategy could be a bit demanding, but it allows each page to target a respective consumer niche.

Landing pages are incredibly powerful. If well-networked, these little pages could funnel an unlimited number of visitors to take action and/or visit a master website. Quality web marketing in Boston, such as GetReady Web Marketing, supplies an incredible variety of resources to building an SEO campaign involving landing pages. GetReady Inc. uses custom designs and layouts to fit the brand with perfection.