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More photos of my custom Murtagh... And the outfit that inspired me to make him. _ #outlander #outlanderseries #outlanderstarz #murtaghfraser #funko #funkopop #popvinyl #popvinyls
THIS SUMMER...Colin Farrell and Chris Hardwick star in "THE TOY DEPARTMENT"...a secret fringe agency helps recover stolen collectibles from shady nerds! You can't hide your toys with THESE boys sniffing around your box...."The Toy Department"! Only in theater! (singular) Until then, you should go see Colin in The Lobster because it's fucking GREAT!
See that box? Contains EVERY SINGLE LETTER my folks wrote to one another during WWII while my dad was at sea and my mother in the Detroit TB ward. This may take a while. . . #genealogy #familyhistory #WWII#merchantmarines #kingspoint
Unidentified Stylish Woman 90270.jpg #vintage #history #nofilter #deadfred #genealogy #ancestry #ancestor #photography #photomystery #vintagephoto #oldphoto #style #fashion #beauty
These Solar Charger external battery packs from @chargecords are SICK! ☀️😎👊⚡️For only $39 this is tough to beat... It's a 5,000 mAh external battery that can also be charged by the sun! It's waterproof and drop-proof, perfect for traveling and camping 🙏 🔋Compatible with iPhone, Go Pro, Kindle and all Android devices🔋
Coming soon! Here is a sneak peek of a recent video shoot for Campaign 1776 (a project of the Trust). We will soon premiere “The American Revolution,” a multimedia experience that takes viewers through the entire struggle for American independence, from beginning to end. You will be able to immerse yourself in the dramatic events that led to our nation’s founding, with animated battle maps and exhilarating reenactment footage that will have you waving your tri-cornered hat in approval! View the trailer here:
I have my feet in two worlds. I’m a typical 21st-century woman; I listen to Spotify, watch YouTube videos on my iPhone, bank online, and cook dinner in a microwave. But unlike most people who do those activities…I wear petticoats to work. Every morning I walk into the 18th-century world of Colonial Williamsburg—a world where ladies courtesy when they enter a room, wear bone stays for bust support, powder their hair for special occasions, and by all means, keep their elbows covered in public. It’s a world that doesn’t always make sense, but the more I learn about it, the more I understand its complexities. I conceal my electronic devices, iced lattes, and lipstick for eight hours each day because I want to help unlock in people a sense of curiosity about worlds they don’t understand. Maybe that means getting them to appreciate and value the 18th century world, or just think in a different way. Somehow, I think this kind of understanding is greatly relevant in all worlds…and I don’t think there’s an app for that. JoEllen A., Orientation Interpreter ‪ #WWoW‬: Working Women of Williamsburg #colonialwilliamsburg
Hosteen Nez Basa, a Navajo woman from New Mexico, was convinced her son would die while serving in World War I. She made this blanket for his burial. When he returned from the war alive, she donated it to the Red Cross for a fundraising raffle. It raised close to $1,500 in war relief. 🇺🇸 #MothersDay #WorldWarI #TextileTuesday #Patriotism #AmericanHistory
Claire decided to put on her old dress today and collect some wee herbs. 🌿 #SassenachSunday Also, Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there! (Especially to my mum, because without her help and encouragement, this account probably wouldn't be where it is today! 💕) It might also be *cough* my Birthday today *cough* 🙈 _ #outlander #outlanderseries #outlanderstarz #clairefraser #funko #funkopop #popvinyl #popvinyls
These photos were all together in boxs at flea markets in North West Pa,, Forest Co, Clarinon Co Pa They would be BLACK family in that area & the MARTIN Family West Va . WILKINSON is also mentioned The photo you are looking at is unknown found in Forest Co Pa Flea Market Maybe part of Black family in Forest Co , Pa ** #vintage #history #nofilter #deadfred #genealogy #ancestry #ancestor #photography #photomystery #vintagephoto #oldphoto #beauty
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