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To us, #beauty is when #power meets sustainability. Captured by @seenewphoto, the ecoROTR is our latest clean energy #innovation that helps harvest more #wind by deflecting it from the center of the turbine to the tips of the blades. Rising 450 feet, the ecoROTR is almost half the height of the #EffielTower. #cleanenergy
All aboard! TTCI Locomotive Engineer, Casey Mraovich, drives GE’s Tier 4 Evolution Series down the Train Dynamic Track at the Transportation Technology Center. The Tier 4 offers the single-largest emission reduction in GE’s program timeline and doesn’t require any after-treatment, including urea, helping railroad customers save more than an estimated $1.5 billion in infrastructure and operational costs. Photo by @seenewphoto. #transportation #GETier4
Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer @VincentLaForet takes to the air to capture #GE’s Evolution Series Tier 4 #locomotive as the sun rises above the horizon. This advanced #machine reduces NOx and PM emissions by 70% or more compared to Tier 3 technology. This next generation locomotive borrows tech innovation from across GE’s businesses including Aviation, Oil & Gas and Energy Management. #GEstore
Up close and personal with the wheels of #GE’s Evolution Series Tier 4. The dynamic braking #technology on this locomotive reduces wheel and brake wear by approximately 20-40%. In addition, GE’s software system, Trip Optimizer, creates a trip profile that minimizes braking by automatically learning a train’s characteristics. The software is comprised of a sophisticated network of on-board computers with GPS systems that continuously update the profile and adjust for changes so trains can arrive on time. Photo captured by @seenewphoto. #IndustrialInternet
Happy National Aviation Day! The holiday was established in 1939 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt for the Wright brother’s momentous achievement of making fixed-wing powered flight possible. Today, we continue to celebrate each new innovation in the technology that helps bring us all closer together. Join us in celebration by tagging us in your favorite #aviation memory. Shown here is one of our favorites - a stunning view of the #GEnx engine on a Qatar Airways Dreamliner at the 2013 Dubai Airshow. Photo by @adamsenatori. #avgeek #GE #✈️
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