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This low magnification image of a #mosquito head shows two compound eyes and a long proboscis, which is used by females of the species to draw blood when they bite. These are one of the internal biological mechanisms responsible for the spread and transfer of often-fatal diseases like Dengue or Malaria. Talk about a lethal weapon! #GECellfies #bugsofinstagram #biology #nanogram #GE
What better way to celebrate #StarWarsDay than with #GE's Death Star-like turbulence control structure (TCS). The giant sphere serves as a wind shelter, controlling wind intake during simulations of #engine distress. It’s made up of 300 flat aluminum honeycombs and perforated stainless steel plates, weighing roughly 30,000 pounds. Thankfully, this one belongs to us and not the Galactic Empire. 📷: @seenewphoto. #MayThe4ThBeWithYou #StarWars
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