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Take a look at the inside of the 300-foot tower. Like the ecoROTR, the tower is also a prototype. Instead of traditional steel tubes, its “space-frame” #design uses metal latticework wrapped in a polyester weave coat. The girders, or large steal beams, can be loaded inside shipping containers and onto ordinary trucks, and bolted together in places that were previously hard to reach. Photo captured by @seenewphoto. #power #efficiency #GE
Never underestimate the value of #arts and #crafts. Our latest clean #energy #innovation started two years ago with a Styrofoam ball and a toothpick when #GE #scientists were challenged to build a rotor that could harvest more wind. The team proposed giving the turbine a big flat nose to deflect the incoming wind to the blade tips, increasing the amount of #energy the turbine can harvest. Fun fact: The turbine rises 450 feet from base to blade tips, almost half the height of the #EiffelTower. Photo by @seenewphoto. #GE #tech #windturbine
Our latest wind #power #experiment, the ecoROTR, could increase the power output of a #windturbine by up to three percent. The pilot model installed in #Tehachapi, CA will be collecting #data through the next four months. If the experiments confirm wind tunnel data, the 20,000-pound dome could lead to larger and more #efficient turbines. #GE
#Artwork or #engineering marvel? How about both? Here’s a look into the ecoROTR, a large spinning aluminum dome that’s bolted to a 1.7MW #wind turbine’s rotor. The experimental dome is 60 feet in diameter and sits on top of a 300 foot tower to help increase the power generation of a #windturbine. Photo taken by @seenewphoto. #GE
A look at the ecoROTR in acton in Tehachapi, CA. The ecoROTR helps turbines harvest more energy by deflecting #wind to the tips of the blades. And, because the dome is an extension of the turbine’s hub, it can attach to — and help support — much larger blades. The project is opening the doors to exploring #windturbine designs with a rotor diameter up to 30 meters larger than today’s portfolio, offering even greater #power generation advantages. Video shot by @seenewphoto. #tech
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