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At #GE’s Manufacturing SoluIons Facility in Fort Worth, TX, all tracks lead to Final Assembly. Train parts slide into and around the giant warehouse-like structure, while GE engineers and mechanics integrate all previous sub-assemblies to build legendary trains like the Evolution Series — one of the most technologically advanced locomotives in the world. Photo by @carrasykes and @laurenmarek #Railfan #transportation #IndustrialInternet
A shot of a DMLM laser printer working on dozens of components at the same time. Additive technologies like #3Dprinting are the latest twist on #manufacturing, a technique that can make complex 3D structures by melting powder layer upon layer. Fun Fact: The laser power ranges from 400 watts to 1 kilowatt, enough to burn a hole in a wall. Photo @seenewphoto. #GE #tech
It’s always big ideas that propel people to big success. Marie Curie’s work is a great example, not just for the history of chemistry and physics, but for women in the #sciences as well. Her being rejected from the men-only University of Warsaw, Curie’s perseverance and curiosity for big ideas took her to the Sorbonne in Paris. Her groundbreaking work with radioactivity heralded her as the first-ever female recipient of the Nobel Prize, and the only woman in history to win twice for her work in two different fields. #GE #quote
The Center for Additive #Technology Advancement (CATA) has several direct metal laser melting (DMLM) machines, which can print parts in metal alloys. Each machine breaks down a CAD design file layer by layer and uses the laser to fuse one fine layer on metal powder after another in the right design pattern. Fun Fact: Each layer is between 20 to 80 microns thick and there are as many as 1,250 layers per inch — each less than the thickness of a human hair. Here’s a photo captured by @seenewphoto of a finished #3Dprinted sample. #GE #tech #engineering
This week, we’re giving you an inside look at our new Center for Additive Technology Advancement (CATA) located in Pittsburgh, PA. Funded by various #GE businesses, CATA brings additive #technologies like #3Dprinting into the mainstream. Brian Adkins, additive #manufacturing #engineer, prepares to vacuum a DMLM 3D printer to salvage unused metal powder and prevent cross-contamination. Stay tuned for more glimpses inside CATA this week. Photo captured by @seenewphoto. #tech
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