Often it's cold feet that make a person feel cold enough to put on extra clothes or turn up the thermostat. In a house that has a radiant heat system with hot water in pipes or tubes under the floor, a person's feet don't ever have to touch a chilly floor. The floor is always warm as long as the system is running. Even if the thermostat is turned relatively low, people in the house may be able to walk around barefoot. At the very least, they can walk around in socks and not bother to put on shoes or slippers. This is one reason homeowners request a technician to install boiler and the other equipment to heat the house.

There are other advantages, of course. A radiant heat system doesn't force warm air through ducts, which increases the dust level in the home. Depending on where a forced-air furnace is located, the noise can be bothersome to people trying to watch TV or have a quiet conversation. A boiler-powered heat system is peaceful.

Radiant heat warms more than the air in the room. It warms the people and pets, and all the objects. It warms the walls and the ceiling. This has a longer-lasting and more pervasive effect than forced-air heat, which means people can keep the thermostat lower than they would otherwise. Consider what happens when the sun shines into a room all day and that room continues to be warm for a while even after the sun goes down. Sunshine is another form of radiant heat.

A boiler from a company like Hassle Free Boilers is responsible for heating the water that runs through the devices under the floor. Boilers can be powered by various means, such as natural gas, liquid propane, heating oil, wood pellets and electricity. Which fuel is most suitable depends a great deal on where the home is located. Rural houses typically aren't connected to natural gas lines, for instance. Homeowners there might consider a wood-powered boiler, but that means extra work in loading pellets into the equipment regularly. Propane and oil are more convenient options. Click here for further information on having a boiler installed.