Choosing a new grill can be a difficult task for some, as there are countless brands, designs, and features to choose from. It is often hard to determine which model is actually best. Broil King barbecues are the brand to beat, as they provide five top qualifications for the best gas grill.

Outstanding Grilling Performance

No one wants a grill that simply heats their food. A grill needs to have outstanding performance, allowing its owner to cook, sear, barbecue, and bake any food of his or her choosing. With outstanding grilling performance and multiple controls, anyone can grill to perfection.

Side Shelves Included

Basic grills allow users to cook their food. There is no sort of shelving space available to place items. The best grill is going to include not one, but two side shelves, with one on either side of the grilling unit. This provides a space for people to place their spices, grill utensils, and a plate ready to hold the grilled food. It is a convenience that many people desire in their grills.

Flav-R-Wave Cooking System

Not all grills heat the same. Some have superior systems that allow the food to be cooked evenly, rather than heated in only certain spots. The Flav-R-Wave is one such system that can be included in a gas bbq, and only the best of the best have it. The Flav-R-Wave ensures food is cooked evenly throughout, and the drippings are vaporized to enhance flavor.

Cast Iron Cooking Grids

Cast iron is able to withstand even the highest temperatures, and it isn't damaged easily. It is also not easily weakened by rust. This makes cast iron an excellent choice for the cooking grids found in grills.

Accu-Temp Thermometer

In the past, those using their grills had to manually check the temperature of their food. It was often difficult to tell when to start grilling, and just how long the food should be cooked for. With accu-temp thermometers in place, many grills have exceeded expectations. Rather than standing around waiting, wondering how hot the grill needs to be, users can simply turn up the temperature with their grill controls and let the grill do the work. The thermometer lets people know how hot the grill is, ensuring each piece of meat is cooked to the ideal temperature.

The best gas grill is going to include five top qualifications that put it far above the rest. With a built-in thermometer, cast iron cooking grids, specialized cooking system, side shelves, and outstanding grilling performance, Broil King's grills exceed expectations. Those looking for a new grill to call their own can visit to see the wide selection of top quality grills available.