Garcinia cambogia is a plant that is also called Garcinia gummi-gutta. This plant's fruit has a shape of a green, small pumpkin and is being used in a number of traditional Asian dishes due to its sour flavor. There is a huge amount of a natural substance, named Hydroxycitric Acid, or HCA, in the fruit's skin. This substance is actually the most important ingredient found in Garcinia cambogia extract and it is the one responsible for producing that much desired weight loss effect.

How To Lose Weight With Garcinia Cambogia ?
If you want to lose weight by using Garcinia cambogia, you must follow the correct dosage and every requirements diligently. In addition, you absolutely must start living a healthier lifestyle, which includes eating healthy, in order to experience fast results. If you follow these instructions you will see significant weight loss within the first 10 days of using Garcinia cambogia. Some people have lost as much as 5 pounds within the first 5 days of using this plant!
So let's take a look at some great tips on how you can lose weight with Garcinia cambogia fast.

Always Stay Within The Approved Dosage
Most experts agree that the daily recommended dosage for Garcinia cambogia is around 3000 mg. This dosage should preferably be divided into a few smaller portions that you can take right before main meals. For optimal results you should take 1000 mg in the morning, 1000 mg 1 hour before your lunch and the last 1000 mg some half an hour before supper. 1500 mg per day is a minimum dosage that you should take, as smaller amounts than those could be proven ineffective, especially for people who have a lot of fat to lose.

Mind The Timing

The most experienced nutritionists recommend taking Garcinia cambogia one hour before every main meal. So if you usually take you breakfast at 8 in the morning, you should wake up one hour earlier in order to take you first Garcinia cambogia dosage. Adhere the same principle for the rest of the daily doses, and be diligent about it. Studies have proved that Garcinia cambogia usually takes between 20 and 60 minutes to get completely absorbed into the bloodstream.

The Importance Of Water
Taking your Garcinia cambogia with a large glass of water is very important, as there are many benefits to doing that. It has been proven that water hastens the absorption process of Garcinia to the bloodstream, which fast tracks numerous positive effects. In addition, since Garcinia cambogia is a proven metabolism booster, it is logical that your body will demand more water in order to fulfil its requirements during the whole day. You should make sure that you are taking at least eight glasses of fresh water every day in order to keep your body performing at an optimal level. Drinking a lot of water will improve the weight loss effects of Garcinia cambogia and you will start seeing the results sooner.

Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle
Maybe the best thing about Garcinia cambogia is the fact that its regimen is not as strict or rigid as your typical diet regiment. Feel free to drink and eat what you like, but make sure that you do not start living carelessly. Keep your diet balanced, visit the gym as often as you can and most importantly never take drugs (alcohol, cocaine, cigarettes etc).
Using Garcinia cambogia for weight loss is actually quite easy. These tips listed above are here in order to maximize the benefits of using this incredible supplement. Garcinia cambogia will surely help you lose a lot of weight in an effective and safe way, so give it a try!