Moving is stressful even under the best conditions, but having the right mover can lessen that stress. Finding furniture removal that care about your furniture and your things are the most important thing. Do your research so you don't end up with lost or broken furniture.

When you start, look for a furniture removal company that is in your area. Most movers' websites state their services, the destinations they'll move to and their service history. This can get you started on a list of movers. If the company has supplied any email addresses to the appropriate departments, ask questions. This way you will get a written response.

If you know anyone that has recently moved, find out what their experience was and if they'd recommend them. Also get references from the company you choose. Your valuables are worth it. If someone mentions a moving company not to use, make sure you make a note of it.

If a company requires a huge deposit before they ever show up to your home, beware of using that mover. Make sure the mover comes to your home and goes room by room checking out your furniture, dishes, lamps, bedding, etc. They should be able to have an inventory list for you.

The company should also be able to outline how they will pack your furniture. Do they bubble wrap your dishes or just put paper between your china? Different movers use different techniques and you need to choose what sounds logical to you.

Find out what type of coverage, if any, they offer if your valuables are damaged, lost or stolen in the moving process. When you call the company, does someone answer with the company name or just a "hello" or "movers"? If they do not answer in a professional way, it should make you wonder how professional of a service they will really offer you.

If you choose a moving company and instead of their company truck shows up a rental truck shows up with a crew that are not professionally dressed, don't let them take your valuables. You can find quality furniture moving companies if you do your research on the company, what they offer and what their customers say about them.

Don't let your move become more stressful than it already will be. Do your homework on the company and with its references. Your valuables are worth taking that extra step for.