When buying furniture for the entire family to use at home, it is always better to invest in furnishings that will stand the test of time. Designer furniture Singapore shoppers appreciate is manufactured with both style and durability in mind. When planning every room in their home, consumers can select everything from their Bedroom furniture to dining sets and wall units, with confidence.

Teak wood comes from a large tree that grows in the deciduous forest. When freshly cut, it has a scent that is often described as being akin to that of a piece of fine leather. This hard wood product is prized for its ability to be water resistant. This makes it particularly prized for use in outdoor veneers, boat construction, wood carving and the making of furniture.

Generally, teak wood is sold in a brown color or a shade closer to auburn. As the wood ages, it tends to become darker on its own. Furniture builders like working with this type of wood, because it has an excellent texture and grain. This is why both indoor furniture remains in pristine condition, years after its initial purchase.

Because of the high oil content contained in the composition of teak wood, outdoor furniture will not lose its luster in all seasonal weather. It will however, soften to a shade of silvery gray when exposed to extreme sunlight. Another factor in its use, is based on its natural resistance to termites.

When searching for a Bed frame Singapore consumers will want to take advantage of the variety of styles available. Due to the popularity of teak wood, it is relatively easy to find a wooden bed in twin, double, queen and king sizes. The wood may be relatively smooth, giving it a modern appeal. Because its surface responds well to carving, furniture with intricate carvings can also be found both in store and online.

One website that regularly showcases a vast assortment of teak furnishings for every room of the house is located online at Scanteak.com. In addition to bedroom furniture, this retailer features living room, reading room and dining room furnishings. They even have teak furnishings crafted by noted designers.

All of these products are known for their high quality and attractiveness. This variety of wood blends well with existing furniture and all colors of fabric upholstery. By designing a combination of the old and the new, home planners will be able to create comfortable domestic spaces.