When it's a cold day and there's no heat, don't panic. Usually, it's not the furnace itself but something else that is wrong. A technician called for furnace repair braselton ga may discover that the real problem is one of the following.

There's No Heat from the Furnace

Thermostat: This is fairly common. The thermostat must be set to "heat." Also, ensure that the desired temperature is set higher than the current room temperature and that the fan is on "auto."

Programmable Thermostat: It may be necessary to override the current settings in order to tell if the thermostat is the problem.

Pilot Light: A faulty pilot light can be a frustrating problem. The cause could be as simple as a draft, or it could be a dirty gas tube or a bad thermocouple.

Circuit Breaker: Before calling for service, make sure that the circuit breaker isn't tripped, preventing the system from turning on.

Insufficient Propane or Gas Flow: Occasionally, the gas pressure regulator can close off the gas feed or the valve is closed. This isn't a DIY situation; call a trained technician.

Not Enough Heat from the Furnace

Clogged Air Filter: Forgetting to change the filter regularly results in dust, dog and cat hair and other debris clogging the filter, preventing enough air from flowing over the heat exchanger. This simple fix makes the furnace more efficient.

Incorrect Airflow: Some rooms never get warm (or cool) enough, no matter how the thermostat is set. An airflow analysis, correction and balancing check could pinpoint the problem.

Leaky Ducts: Broken seals or cracks cost money. Warm air never reaches where it's intended, but is wasted. The ducts may need to be sealed and/or insulated.

Energy Bills are Too High

Poor Maintenance: This is the most common cause of high energy bills. A well-maintained furnace will last longer, require fewer repairs and cost less to operate than a furnace that is dirty and needs a tuneup. Maintenance is very cost-effective.

The Unit is Worn Out: Units over 15 years old are very inefficient. The energy savings gained from a new furnace will, over time, be substantial.

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