Designing a family room should involve every member of the family. This room should be safe enough for children to play in and enjoy, as well as sophisticated enough for their parents to spend time in alone. Because this room will get a lion's share of the wear and tear in a home, every piece of furniture in it should be able to take a good amount of activity. Not only should your furnishings be durable enough to support continually usage, but it must remain in the best shape possible while doing so.

Many people find that the Fombag bean bag fulfills all of these requirements. These bean bag chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be purchased with a cover that can be purchased in an assortment of colors, textures and designs. These covers present an economical form of decorating, since they can be removed and washed as needed. If one wishes to buy a “naked” set of bean bags so that they can design a custom set of covers, this is also possible through their website at Fombag bean bags.

People like using these bags in their recreation rooms or general areas because of their portability and adaptability to any décor. Although the bags can be ordered in a myriad of sizes, all sizes are easily moved and transported when necessary. The fact that they are made and manufactured in the United States gives owners an additional sense of national pride.

Filled with shredded foam, these bags are perfect for those who may be allergic to down feathers and other types of cushion fillings. When you place your order you can also purchase pillow to go with your new chair, couch or love-seat. Never has personal comfort been so complete when taking an afternoon nap or watching the big game on television at night.

Perhaps the ultimate experience is to have a “fom” ottoman for one's feet while the rest of the body is left to relax on a large size bag. These units come in sizes from four to eight feet long, with a junior size must right for the younger set.

When you purchase one of these innovative cushions or lounging pillows, you have the security of knowing that each piece has been guaranteed for your satisfaction. Should you experience any problems with your new bag or wish to have an replacement, your happiness is something very important and will be accommodated promptly.