Chartered flights are becoming more affordable and more accessible than ever before. Top executives, high-ranking politicians, and celebrities come to mind when most people think of private jet passengers. That is no longer the case. Commercial flights are getting expensive, flight schedules can be inconvenient, and airport security can take hours. Some smaller businesses have begun to charter flights to save time and money over commercial flights for trips. Families and groups going on vacation have also started to look at chartering flights to get the most out of their holiday.

Depending on the distance and the number of people taking a trip, the cost of a charter flight may be the same as a commercial one. Consider the travel costs of getting to the closest airport. That may include a rental car, a night in a hotel due to the time of the flight,and meals during that time. Add in the cost of hours spent at the airport, the increasing cost of baggage, and the taxi or rental car needed to get back to the airport for the return trip. People are losing a couple days of their vacation just getting to a destination. Fly Sky Nexus to start a vacation from day one, and enjoy it until the last minute. A chartered flight can take people to ten times more destinations than a commercial flight. Passengers can get to the airport a few minutes before the flight departs without having to wait in security lines or pay for those suitcases. A family reunion or a vacation for six to eight people can be completed on chartered flights for just a little more than a commercial flight would cost, minus the time and hassle.

A variety of planes and jets are available for chartered flights, so there is one that can accommodate a couple of people, a small group of 16-20 passengers, or a large sports team. They are fuel efficient, environmentally friendly, safer than commercial flights, and the food is much better. Professionals can work in comfort, vacationers can enjoy their trip from the moment they step on the plane, and executives can get to two countries in the same day, if necessary. Passengers are able to fly on their schedule rather than the airlines' schedule. A Private Jet Charter Quote is based on the size of the jet, the destination, the number of people, and the current cost of fuel. Other factors include applicable taxes, landing fees, positioning costs, and international surcharges. There are some companies that offer fixed rate charters to specific destinations.