Most people avoid their garages unless absolutly necessary because for most people, the garage has become a giant cluttered mess. In fact, many people no longer use their garage for their car because the clutter is so overwhelming.

However there are many easy solutions for your storage problem. You can finally organize your things and get your area clutter free. Tools will finally get utilized and be easy to find, dog food will no longer be left in bags on the ground and all those stray cleaning items will finally be at hands reach. You may even be able to fit your car into the garage as it was intended.

One basically easy storage solution that you can make yourself is a multi-level rotating shelf that you can tuck away into the corner of your garage. It is designed with the lazy Susan style shelving which rotates completly around giving you easy access to all sides. You also have more storage space because your shelving can start from ground level and go as high as you want.

The rotating design gives you quite a bit of room to store just about anything. It will reduce clutter by storing your painting and cleaning supplies, small bottles and jars, just about anything you can fit on a shelf. Ans since this is a custom made unit, shelves can be made as small or tall as you like, whatever your needs be.

When it comes to tools in the garage, they are one of the most cluttering items in the garage. The best way to organize them is to use a simple pegboard system. You can go as basic as placing the pegboard on the wall itself or get as fancy as making an enclosed cabinet for them. Peg boards are simple to use and very easy to install, even for the most unskilled. Small metal hooks are used to hold up tools on the boards. These come in carious shapes and sizes and can be designed especially for tools.

An even better way to organize the tools utilizing the peg boards is to place an outline of each tool behind it. This makes it easier to identify where each tool fits and when something disappears, you will know what is gone.

For pet owners, a wonderful storage option for pet food is a bin and dispenser. Stores have many options available for purchase, but you can easily make your own where you can have the food dispensed directly into the dogs food dish.

This takes just some basic materials and know-how. In about half a day you can have a great food storage and dispenser for fido's food. Most material can be purchased at home improvement stores and the only tools needed are basic hand tools and power tools. This will cost you anywhere between fifty and ninety dollars, depending on what materials you choose. The neat thing about the wooden storage food box is the blast gates used to dispense the food. While this part will cost you about $10, they are well worth it for medium to large dog food pieces. Smaller things like bird seed may cause the door to jam a bit, but as long as you stick to dog and cat fod, you should not have a problem.

Storage solutions for your garage are vast and this is just the beginning. A few additions will bring great improvements to your home and give you a clutter free storage space. In turn you may be able to finally be able to pull your car into the garage where it was intended to be.

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