Critics are worried about the influence of flowerhorn in the society especially to the breeders. As the days go by, it is getting more expensive. There are other people who do not agree with this cross breeding process because it is too risky. For some, they consider the flowerhorn fish as a threat in the environment especially in the world of wild.

It is an ornamental aquarium fish known for its distinct features - protruding head, attractive brilliant colors and sometimes has black markings or stripes that resemble Chinese characters on both sides. Fish hobbyists love to buy this as their pet even though the price is too expensive. They said that it is not advisable to keep multiple Kamfa flowerhorn in just one container because they are too aggressive and territorial in nature. In addition, the breeder can easily feed them because they can eat anything - meat, pellet, meal worms and those foods that are high in protein.

Experts tried a lot of experiments so that they can increase the number of these striking living organisms.

Golden Monkey

This is one of the great creations of the experts, Lam Seah and Lam Soon in Malaysia. It is know by its one of a kind spots on the sides and the beautiful colors.


This species is noted for having white or yellow eyes (red eyes are possible but not common), the tail looks like a fan, water head, deep-set eyes and smaller lips.

Zen Zhu

One of the significant features of Zen Zhu is the pealing. They came from Louhan. Fish hobbyists like to put them in their tropical aquarium because of its huge mouth, encircling tail, red big eyes and flower-like head.

Golden Base

The golden base is also referred as Golden Trimac. In the early age, they lost there color and they just turned into a black one. But miracle happened. Their color turned into yellow and red. Children love to see them inside the aquarium.

Thai Flowerhorn

Created in Thailand, thisThai flowerhorn is known for its white pearling body. It has a deep black double flower row along the sideways and the body is longer that some other Kamfas. Recently, they discovered its rebirth in Vietnam.


This is another one of a kind man-made fish has a deep-set eyes (a reflection of Kamfa genes).The Golden Monkey male and the female Kamfa genes were combined to develop this specie. Its main feature is the beautiful and precious pearling.

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