Entrepreneurs looking to branch out and those with a strong desire to quit their regular jobs and work for themselves should consider an opportunity from Five Star Lead Pro. The MLM company is a distributor of power strips that alleviate pain. These power strips work in a similar way to topical sports cremes. The strips deliver heat to the area of the body that is in pain. Strips can be placed anywhere on the body and contain all natural herbs. These power strips have demonstrated the ability to reduce swelling and temporarily alleviate pain that is occurring beneath the skin. Some of the more common types of pain that these strips can relieve include muscle strains, sore muscles, neck pain, and general tension.

Therapeutic pain relief products have been around for several years and have been popular with fitness enthusiasts and athletes. As the body participates in strenuous activity, it's at risk for mild to moderate injuries. It's not uncommon for someone to overwork a muscle, pull a tendon, or twist an ankle the wrong way. Muscle aches and pains can be a sign of overdoing it, but these types of mild injuries also come with the territory when someone is in physical training. The body has to adjust to increased physical activity that is designed to increase muscle tone, build muscle, and improve overall cardiovascular endurance. FiveStarLeadPro.com provides information on how power strips work to alleviate pain related to sports and physical fitness.

The herbs contained within the power strips include Korean red ginseng, marine phytoplankton and silver. Power strips are also infused with geranium based far-infrared. This is what is responsible for delivering the heat to the skin, helping to alleviate the pain within the tissues beneath the surface. For detailed video demonstrations and information on how the power strips are able to deliver heat and alleviate pain, visit Five Star Lead Pro. On the site, there's also information about becoming an independent distributor of the power strips. Independent distributors are in business for themselves and can leverage the opportunity to either make supplemental income or become their own boss.

Five Star Lead Pro is a multi-level marketing organization that distributes and sells therapeutic power strips. These power strips attach to the surface of the body and deliver heat. The heat helps alleviate any pain that is going on within the body beneath the surface of the skin. The strips can be attached to any area that is experiencing pain. Athletes and physical fitness enthusiasts are prime candidates for this product, since they have a tendency to need pain relief from mild injuries and strenuous activity.