With the state of our economy today, more and more people are searching for ways to make a considerable income online. While there are many effective programs out there that help ordinary people to earn money, there's also a lot of scams. Many programs promise high earning potential, yet fail to deliver on their promises. According to Five Star Lead Pro, one such program is called Wake Up Now.

The programs is, essentially, a network marketing plan that consists of numerous distributors and teams. Teams work together to earn income, potentially earning compensation off of sales and with bonuses. The products for Wake Up Now are quite unconventional. Instead of tangible products, everything is sold and delivered online. One one hand, this an advantage. There's no need to worry about shipment costs and keeping up with inventory. Instead, the digital products are delivered instantly. That being said, the products are something to be desired.

According to Five StarLead Pro.com, distributors sell grocery coupons and retail discounts. They also offer discounts on cellular service and provide 3 magazine subscriptions for free. These products are things that can easily be found online. They are not things that people would be looking to buy, making the job much more difficult. Furthermore, distributors sell access to a service called the Hub. The Hub is basically a search engine to find deals and discounts at a number of different retail stores. For a monthly fee, people will have access to the Hub. However, most people can easily find the same discounts and deals with a simple Google search. All in all, the products sold by distributors aren't worth the money or even remotely appealing.

The compensation plan is often the main selling point of network marketing programs. In most programs, members can easily earn a steady and passive income. With Wake Up Now, the compensation plan is lackluster. Distributors are only entitled to a small percentage of sales. Not only that, but the commission earned by a team is substantially smaller than other programs. The program is often referred to as a pyramid scheme, as most of the income goes to the company rather than the distributors. In fact, it has been found that majority of distributors earn less than a dollar per year.

All in all, Wake Up Now is a network marketing program to avoid. There are numerous other programs out there that offer members a chance to earn real money. Members can earn a passive income that continually grows. All it takes is a visit to http://fivestarleadpro.com/is-wake-up-now-scamming-their-reps for people to see effective programs that will help them earn money online.