When looking for an exciting way to spend time in New Zealand, many will venture out to the Mount Aspiring National Park in Wanaka to take in the sights and sounds of an outdoor adventure.This area is located on the Southern Island and considered to be a paradise-filled area that both fishing enthusiasts and vacation goers will enjoy exploring. When going on a Trout and Fly Fishing Wanaka excursion, guests will enjoy several amenities in a variety of setting choices.

The Wanaka area has two glacier filled lakes, a smaller fishing lake, a large river, and several streams. All of these are used for trout or fly fishing, making it an area those who love fishing dream about. There are several types of fishing excursions available to those who wish to enjoy nature at its best.

Trips can last for a half day or for several days in a row. People have the choice in taking a guided tour by foot to indulge in fine fishing waters, or they can venture out via whitewater raft to float along the very waters they will be using to search for their fish. Many people opt to take a trip involving a bit of both, giving the excursion diversity that all in the party will be sure to enjoy. For those who wish for even more adventure, heli fishing tours are available. This involves a trip via helicopter to see the waters from up above before landing to partake in the adventurous fishing sport.

Fishing Wanaka lakes and streams is often done with companies that provide all equipment needed. The people going on the excursion will be picked up from their hotel or home by the company and snacks will be provided for the day as well. This allows participants to sit back and enjoy the fishing without worrying about having to pack anything to bring along.

Those participating will however, need to have a valid NZ fishing license. Many of the fishing excursion services can help guests with the application process and have them obtain their license quickly so they can enjoy themselves on the trip. Another option is to have guests apply using the New Zealand Fish And Game website before leaving for the excursion. In some instances, an additional license is needed to fish in back country rivers. If a guest plans on using these waters, the fishing excursion company will help them obtain the proper license beforehand.