Yes, choosing a divorce lawyer is nothing short of overwhelming. It may well be the most critical decision you are to make since you will be paying that person a lot of money while he has the responsibility of pushing your interests in the entirety of the process. The lawyer is expected to get involved in the divorce proceedings, and the level of involvement may vary from start to finish. There are instances when you and your partner intends to give a limited role for the attorney because you are both confident you can draft your own agreement on your own.

Unlike in the past, the process of hiring a divorce lawyer today isn't just about looking exclusively at the yellow pages for potential candidates. The advantage of today's information technology is that you get to obtain more information about prospective family lawyers from in various avenues such as the internet, print and publications, and even recommendations and references from people close to you, including family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. Anyway, here are some tips on what to look for in them.

1 - Only hire a lawyer with extensive experience in family law.

It makes no sense at all if you hire a lawyer who has no background or experience in family law. In fact, many states will require lawyers handling legal family matters to become board-certified in family law. Pick one who is a renowned practitioner in divorce cases and family law issues. The certification usually requires them to have trial experience and pass an examination.

2 - Hire an attorney who you're totally comfortable working with.

This means that you should choose someone who talks to you in plain English and won't give you a difficult time dealing with legal terms. Because a divorce is quite personal, you go on find a lawyer who understands what you're going through and is willing to listen to what you want to happen.

3 - Focus on two important qualities: skills and experience.

In selecting an Alexandria VA attorney, what you want is someone who comes with the right combination of experience and skills in family law. Though we already talked about experience earlier, it is important to re-emphasize its importance with respect to skills. While trial experience is key, the ideal divorce attorney also must possess skills like being an incredible negotiator and a problem solver.

Finally, before you begin your search for the right attorney to represent you in the divorce proceedings, put in the mindset that you cannot just settle for the most affordable one. Be reminded that those who are in the law profession are highly skilled and rare, which means that you will be getting what you pay for. There's a good possibility that if you insist on a cheap price, you end up losing everything in the case. If you are still looking for a divorce lawyer, go to the site at for some helpful tips.