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Fat Burn Doctor Frequently Asked Questions

Fat Burn Doctor FAQ's

1. Is this program more for muscle building or fat loss?

The answer is that this program is designed to help you lose fat and become toned all at the same time. The main focus of this program in on helping you RAISE YOUR METABOLISM so that you can LOSE WEIGHT and LOOK GREAT without even going to the gym. This is the MAIN PROBLEM that 99% of people face and something that we help you easily overcome...Read More

It's Called "Beer Belly" For A Reason: How Alcohol Makes You Fat

Alcohol is important to social and personal situations. 

It does not need to be excluded, but just like everything else, knowing its place and moderating it intake is key to building a leaner and healthier you.

First and foremost, alcohol is Calorie dense. Each gram has 7 Calories, almost midway between carbs/protein and fat.

That's just pure ethyl alcohol. When you add the mixing substances, you have a very Calorie dense substance.

On top of that alcohol has...Read More

4 Training Blunders That Are Keeping You Fat

1. Too Much Cardio.

This is the number one training mistake. In every gym you seen people grinding away on treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines, and all other sorts of cardio machines hoping to shed calories. They look like zombies. While cardiovascular exercise is excellent for your heart and blood vessels, it’s nearly always overdone. Cardio should be part of a balanced training routine. It should not take center stage, or be performed for hours and hours on end. If you do this, your stress hormones will go through the roof and your body will start to hold onto fat and actually store fat.

Additionally, you will injure yourself as your body suffers constant wear and tear. You will eat away at what little muscle you have. You will crave carbs to fuel your excessively draining workouts, and will inevitably overeat those carbs and get pudgy, or “skinny fat”. Just look at majority of marathoners. Skinny, yes. Lean, not really. And most importantly...Read More

Are Carbs Evil? The Shocking Truth!

Carbohydrates get a bad rap these days. Just look at the popularity of low carb diets like the Ketogenic diets, Atkins diet, and Paleo diet. The truth is that carbs are not evil, they’re far from it.

Carbohydrates are your body’s preferred fuel source. The problem is that if you give your body more fuel than it needs, by overeating, that fuel will be quickly be stored in the form of fat. This is where choosing the right kinds of carbohydrates at the right times is key. By making the right choices, you can maximize both your performance in the gym and actually use carbs to help you burn fat!

There are two basic types of carbohydrates...Read More

8 Super Foods You Can Eat Today That Destroy Belly Fat

How To Lose Belly Fat: Tips From The Fat Burn Doctor, Nick Galante, M.D.

1. Walnuts

Walnuts are rich in heart healthy essential fatty acids, protein, and fiber. They help curb insulin resistance, meaning your muscles will tend to use the carbs you eat for fuel rather than store them as fat.

2. Oatmeal

This complex carb is excellent for breakfast or a quick post workout snack. It will keep you moving and feeling full for hours. Get the plain kind and spruce it up yourself with cinnamon, fruits, protein powder, or peanut butter. Be careful of the pre-mixed varieties, they can have a ton of added sugar.


Nick Galante Fat Burn Doctor Official Website

Fat Burn Doctor: A Weight Loss Program Designed Entirely By Harvard Medical School Doctors.  Lose Weight.  Be Fit.  Live Healthy.

Click here to visit the official Nick Galante Fat Burn Doctor website to purchase and download the Fat Burn Doctor PDF ebook and weight loss system.  Gain instant access to the interactive, private member's area and learn amazing tips, insider secrets, and "weird" techniques from Dr. Nick Galante, M.D. Harvard Medical School on how to raise your metabolism through metabolic conditioning to transform your body from fat storing to fat burning mode so you can lose weight and look great while still enjoying the foods you love and without spending countless hours at the gym.

Plus, learn Dr. Galante's 4 step system and the "Hollywood trick" used by A-list celebrities to lose 8-10 lbs of belly fat in as little as 5 days, and keep it off permanently...Learn More

Lowest price and a 60-day money back guarantee available when product is purchased from Nick Galante through the official website.

This Fun Mental Trick Stops Food Cravings Cold!

Ever wonder why it is that even though you may have just eaten a healthy and filling dinner, you still crave desert? You may even feel hungry, though you are not! It’s these cravings that often derail your hopes for a leaner and sexier body. You know the feeling. You’ve done everything right in the day up until that point and those pesky thoughts of sweets just won’t go away.

The truth is that after a meal you are full. It’s not hunger that’s driving you to crave sweets. It’s appetite. The desire to have those flavors and the mental joy that comes with them. These foods actually incite the same neural circuitry as many drugs, and that’s why there is a literal addiction to them. But how do you break the cycle?

Read More

7 Tips From The Fat Burn Doctor To Help You Double Your Fat Loss Today

1. Eat Smaller, More Frequent Meals.

This will keep you full and prevent your from overeating. Additionally, eating more often keeps your metabolism firing on all cylinders. 

2. Make Sure You’re Eating Enough Protein.

This is key to building lean mass. Protein requires the most energy for your body to process. Last, consuming protein at every meal will help optimize digestion and absorption by lowering the glycemic load of any meal.

3. Choose low glycemic index carbohydrates.

We'll talk about the good magical carbs in our presentation below, but for now, remember that low glycemic carbs are the perfect solution to becoming lean...Read More

Egg Whites: Good, Bad, Or Just Plain Ugly?

Back when the low fat craze was popular, eggs were in the crosshairs because of their fat and cholesterol content. This led many to avoid eggs all together or to just eat the whites, whether by separating them out themselves or opting for products like egg beaters.

The truth is that egg whites are an amazing source of protein. They are easily and nearly completely absorbed by your body. So much so that they are the gold standard by which other proteins are judged. But aside from the protein in egg whites, there is almost no other nutrient content...Read More

Protein Bars: Are They Secretly Making You Fat?

There are literally hundreds of protein bars on the market. Each one makes claims of great taste and amazing health benefits. Unfortunately more often than not, both the taste and health claims leave something to be desired.

The most important thing to look for in a protein bar is its carbohydrate and sugar content. Since many are marketed to endurance athletes, they can come absolutely brimming with carbs and sugar. First, the amount of carbohydrates should never exceed...Read More

10 Simple Tips For Building Muscle More Efficiently

1. Warm Up.

Would you stretch cold taffy? No, it will break. So don’t work your muscles when they’re cold. Five minutes of light cardio on the treadmill or exercise bike will get your heart rate up and blood flowing to your muscles.

2. Use Primarily Free Weights.

Machines are great for isolating a muscle group. And they are part of a well rounded lifting routine. But too often we rely too heavily on them. Free weights allow you to move naturally and let you take advantage of your body’s natural anatomy. They also recruit many more stabilizing muscle groups, which make you stronger AND burns more calories.

3. Use Strict Form.

Check you ego at the door and work the weight, don’t let the weight work you. If your form is off, you aren’t working your muscles properly, or worse, not working them at all. You’re wasting your time in the gym, and our time is all very...Read More

Top Foods Ancient Romans Used To Destroy Stubborn Belly Fat

Fitness isn’t a temporary fix. It’s a lifestyle and nutrition is critical. Easily more than 50% of looking good and getting the most out of your workouts is nutrition. Once you learn the basics, it becomes easier and easier to adapt to your new lifestyle and the fit feeling becomes addictive. The first daunting task of creating an effective yet tasty diet can be overwhelming. Eventually it will become second nature.

A balanced diet includes the right macronutrients at the right times. Here are some foods for each macro nutrient group that you can’t go wrong with. Keep these stocked at you place at all times.

Protein is the building block of muscle. It’s also quite filling and requires the most...Read More

How Energy Drinks Make You Fat

The energy drink market is huge right now. And while these drinks do provide energy in the literal sense, more often than not they are bad for your diet, nutrition, and weight.

These drinks pack a huge amount of sugar, often the equivalent of 2 candy bars. Since these come in the form of liquid, it’s even worse because they are not filing at all. They contribute to your calorie count for the day and little more.

This is the definition of an empty calorie. Unless you are performing endurance exercises for more than an hour at a time, you...Read More

Burn Fat With Fat?  Sounds Crazy, But Is  It?

The low fat craze swept the nation and left it worse off than before. The effect was to emphasize excess carbohydrate consumption. So in place of fat, America ate too many refined carbohydrates and sugars which promptly converted to fat in our bodies. What’s more, is that the low fat craze was actually very unhealthy in many ways. Excess carbohydrate consumption is directly linked with obesity and type II diabetes.

While fats are calorie dense and certain kind are linked with disease processes, other fats are necessary for survival and greatly increase your overall health. They can improve energy, be used to boost your metabolism, and actually help you lose fat. That right! Eating the right types of fat will help you burn more fat!

First the bad...Read More

Is It Actually Possible To Lose Weight By Eating More?

When trying to lose fat, many people become scared of eating. Weight loss at its most simple is indeed a numbers game and consuming less calories than your body expends is a major way to lose weight. But being afraid of food is not the answer. Increasingly, evidence shows that eating three square meals a day may also be less than ideal. There are many benefits to eating smaller more frequent meals. 

First, eating smaller meals helps ensure that you are watching your serving sizes. Further, you will be less likely to...Read More

5 Biggest Nutritional Lies Keeping You From Having The Body You Want

1. You Need To Starve To Lose Weight. This isn’t only false, but detrimental to loosing weight. It’s true that you need to take in less calories than you are expending in a given day to lose. But starvation is way too extreme. A 500 calories a day deficit is enough to lose a pound a week. There are several problems with starvation mode. First your body will start looking to the protein in you muscles for fuel, so you will lose muscle mass and look less lean.

The goal is to keep as much muscle as possible when trying to lose weight. Next is that starving yourself forces your body into a panic and causes release of massive doses of stress hormones like cortisol. The end results is that you...Read More

Simple Tricks For Shedding 5 Pounds Fast

Here are a few quick tips that can help you burn fat and lose weight imediately:

*Switch to skim milk, or at least 1%.

*Stop drinking sugary drinks. If you enjoy soda, have diet soda.

*Cut out fast food. It’s OK to indulge from time to time, but not every night.

*Eat more. More frequently that is. Smaller more frequent meals help you stay full longer and can ward off cravings and overeating. See How you can eat MORE and actually lose weight...Read More

Caffeine: A Miracle Fat Burner?

Caffeine is a natural wonder supplement. It’s most commonly consumed in the form of morning coffee to jumpstart your day. What many don’t realize is it can also jumpstart your workout and fat loss. The benefits of caffeine are many. 

Caffeine stimulates your sympathetic nervous system, increasing release of epinephrine and norepinephrine, so those fight or flight neurons will be firing on all cylinders. Additionally caffeine has been shown to increase pain tolerance, so you can push out more reps at the end of a grueling workout. Lastly, it will increase your circulation and elevate your heart rate, so your muscles will get plenty of blood flowing to them. All these factors will aid in creating...Read More

How To Get Ripped Abs Eating These 5 Unusual Snacks

5 Snacks That Can Help You Develop Six Pack Abs

We all live hectic lifestyles. Things come up all the time and make it difficult to stick to a routing exercise schedule or regular and healthy eating. This makes preparation key. The more you are prepared for these daily obstacles the easier it will be to roll with them rather than getting your fat loss derailed.

Nuts - These are filling and pack a nutrient burst of protein, healthy fats and fiber. Start with a couple of handfuls. Eat them and if still hungry, have a couple more. Be careful not to...Read More
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