French is one of the most learned languages in the world. It is the language of romance and like a love relationship, it can be a challenge to master; however, not impossible. Learning French might be a challenge because written French and spoken French are almost like learning two different languages. If French has eluded your efforts in the past, you will be happy to know there is a Fast Track French available.

For most people how to learn French involves repetition and a good ear. The French are very particular about the sound of their language and therefore, if you want to get the exact pronunciation correct, using audio is a must. With audio, you can mimic the speaker to practice and master common sentences and phrases. Ideally, being around people speaking the language would be great, but using recordings are equally as effective.

Start with small phrases and memorize them to be used later. A good exercise is to practice with common questions and answers. Once you've mastered how words are pronounced, it will be easier to tackle the language in written form.

Flash Cards

Flash cards are easy to create and easy to carry with you anywhere. You have a quick French lesson at your disposal. You can practice vocabulary this way while seated in a waiting room.

Use Labels

Place labels or a post it notes on everything with its French name. Each time you say something use the French word for it. Speak and think in French. This is an effective way to learn items quickly in French.

French grammar is very structured and there isn't a way around not learning it. To master this language you must understand its structure and a good place to help you with this is

Repetition is Vital

Repetition is vital to learning French. You have to put that time in if you expect to learn to speak and read French fluently. Twenty minutes a day is a good start. It isn't too much to ask if you are serious about learning how to speak French.

Once you've taken a class or have learned the basics of French grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary it may be time for more advanced learning. Living in France is a great way to advance your learning of the language. Immersing yourself in the language and culture may seem jolting at first, but you will soon become comfortable and the next thing you know you will be speaking French fluently.