Board games are a very common way to bring a group together at a party or simple get together, but sometimes it can be hard to find a game that can handle multiple persons or teams or can provide more entertainment than the average board games like Life, Monopoly, or Sorry. With this in mind, there are more adult games for the groups that want a more fast paced and competitive experience. Three board games that every man should know about and play include Cards Against Humanity, Loaded Questions, and 5 Second Rule.

Cards Against Humanity

For one of the more controversial and provoking games, Cards Against Humanity is the one to beat. Following the guidelines of the classic Apples to Apples, those participating choose one card from the black deck to match with cards from the white deck. Whichever card is judged to be the best match wins the round. The judgment of the cards can vary from group to group making this a not so straightforward win, but typically the one that results in the most laughs can claim victory.

Loaded Questions

Loaded Questions is basically a get to know you game. The way it works: one person reads a question off a card from a given category and the other players write down their answers; the person who asked the question then reads the answers aloud and has to guess who supplied which answer. The questions range from silly to serious and everything in between; you never know what question you will get or what answers will come from which person.

5 Second Rule

The game 5 Second Rule gives you five seconds to list three items that fit into the given category. This makes it fast paced and somewhat annoying when your brain falls blank. If you are interested in a list of 15 fascinating board games every man should know and more amazing things to do with a group, check out

These three games and many more have made their mark on groups from all over the world. What they bring to the table can add to the fun and entertainment of any party. If these three games do not hold your interest, check out others before writing off board games altogether.