If you have discussed options with your dentist in greeley co that will help you achieve a dazzling smile, chances are they have recommended dental veneers. These are types of shells, the color of your natural teeth, which adhere to the front your existing teeth in order to create a beautiful and bright smile. Dental veneers are able to correct a number of different cosmetic defects, from small gaps in your teeth to discolored teeth. Additionally, with advances offered in cosmetic dentistry have ensured that veneers now look better than ever.

The Use and Placement of Veneers

While most family dentistry offices offer dental veneers, you need to ensure the one you choose is knowledgeable regarding their application and maintenance. Veneers are able to be crafted from a resin composite material, or porcelain. The majority of veneers that are used today are made from porcelain since this type of material is able to resist stains more effectively and they have a light reflecting quality that is extremely similar to your natural teeth. Veneers will be placed on the front of your teeth by your dentist greeley co, which will conceal any imperfections and in some cases change the length, shape and size of your teeth.

The Application of Veneers

In most cases, the application of veneers will take tree visits to your Greeley family dentist. The first visit will be an evaluation in order to determine if this type of procedure will work for you. The second visit will allow you to remove a very small portion of your tooth’s enamel in order to make room for the actual veneer. In most cases, one-half millimeter is removed and it may require some local anesthesia. This ensures that the veneer does not appear too bulky once it is trimmed down.

During this visit an impression will be taken of your teeth and then sent to the dental lab and the veneers will then be custom made. During the third visit to your dentist, the veneers will be applied with a special adhesive material.

Dental veneers can completely transform your smile. Talk with your dentist in order to ensure that this is the right option for your needs. Chances are if veneers are not the right option, your dentist can offer others that will be better for your particular situation. Keep in mind, veneers are also one of the most costly dental procedures, which means that you should ensure you can afford them prior to moving on with the process.