When an injury occurs in your tooth, you need to see the family dental care right away. The dentist has many tools that can help to repair your tooth and prevent further damage or tooth death. It is important you see the dentist as soon as possible so he or she can properly repair your tooth. If you have tooth damage, this information will help to prepare you to know what to expect when it comes time for your repair. Through Sunwood Dental, your tooth can be repaired and protected.

Cracks to the tooth can be repaired if you see the dentist in time. If the crack goes below the gum line, it will be necessary for the dentist to remove the tooth. If the crack is only above the gum line, the dentist can repair it with dental resin. The resin can be placed into the crack and smoothed in place. This helps to strengthen the tooth and stops the spread of the crack. In some instances, a tooth may need to be capped.

The North Delta Dentist can also repair chips to your teeth. Chips are the mildest form of damage your tooth can suffer with. If your tooth is mildly chipped, the dentist can smooth the tooth over so the rough edges are no longer causing you discomfort. Most chips do not cause major problems. It is important you see the dentist as soon as possible so a chip does not cause further damage.

If you have broken a tooth, the dentist can still repair the damage. It is important you bring the broken piece with you. Though the dentist may not be able to put the broken piece back in place, it can be helpful to bring this with you. The dentist will first smooth any rough edges and then your tooth can be filled. The filling material will help to seal your tooth so it is no longer in danger of damage. In many cases, the dentist will then cap the tooth, depending on how much damage the tooth has.

If you experience any type of tooth damage, make sure you call Sunwood Dental. They will be glad to examine your tooth so they can see what damage has been done and what repairs need to be carried out. Contact them today for your appointment so your teeth can be properly cared for. Through their services, your smile will be protected.