When children play dress-up, there is a lot more to it than just putting on a tiara or tying on a superhero cape. Adults may see this child's play as just that - play time. But when a child puts on a costume they are discovering they can be anything their minds can imagine. Playing dress-up sends a child into a world of make-believe and also into a world of role playing, cognitive and language skills, social skills and creative thinking. Dress-up enables a child to try on different identities and at the same time challenge themselves to think outside of their comfort zone. They take on roles of firemen, princesses, superheroes, dragons and fairies - just to name a few. This play will increase their creativity and help their young minds to grow.

Dress-up should not be limited to trick-or-treating on Halloween. When your little girl dons a beautiful princess costume, she can become the ruler of a magical kingdom. She will try out vocabulary not used in her everyday life but which will enhance her play and give her a feeling of confidence. When she wears a pair of fairy wings, she can explore the world of any number of little sprites. She can be a fairy of rainbows, ladybugs, flowers, or even the vegetable garden in the backyard. A little girl may only have a few years of experience in the world, but suddenly all of the fairy tales, movies and family lore she has heard become stories to retell in her own way. What a wonderful world of play.

When your little one has an interest in princess dress, fairy wings, princess costume, make sure she has the tools in which to let her imagination run wild. Most children will participate in this kind of play over and over again. You will want to choose best princess dresses carefully. It is a wise decision to purchase costumes that are well made and from a reputable company. These costumes will more than likely endure a great deal of wear and you want them to withstand hours of playtime. High-quality materials and workmanship will ensure that the garment will perform well. It can be highly frustrating to a child if snaps, buttons and zippers fail to work properly. Take the time to do a little research before purchasing costumes for your child. As with any toy your child will play with, you want to make sure you buy high quality.

Whether is it a princess costume or a set of sparkly fairy wings, your little girl will be thrilled set off on her own adventures wearing creations to help set her imagination free. Childhood lasts such a short time. Let pretend play and imagination make it a little bit sweeter.