There are very few countries in the world smaller than Costa Rica, but even fewer that have as much to offer to those who love nature. Despite its small size, Costa Rica is home to around one-twentieth of the world's species of animals and plants alike, making it one of the most biologically diverse countries of all. Even with so much variety in terms of life, Costa Rica also stands out for its dramatic topography and impressive situation in the one of the most gorgeous parts of the Caribbean.

Taken together, these factors alone would be enough to make the country a top tourist destination. Costa Rica's leaders and citizens alike have upped the ante even further, though, recognizing many years ago that the country's impressive assets would have to be preserved and protected against unwise development. Today, over 25% of Costa Rica's expanse is set aside as national parks and the like, making it one of the richest countries in the world in this respect, too.

For those who love seeing and experiencing what nature has to offer, there is really no better place to spend time, then. A booming tourist industry today forms the backbone of the small country's economy, with a highly competitive atmosphere meaning that travelers can count on high levels of service and accommodations.

Companies like Yarok Costa Rica therefore make it simple and affordable to arrange memorable, attraction-packed costa rica tours. Visitors to websites like can easily, quickly learn about the tiny country's countless natural assets, thereby starting to focus in on those they would most like to see themselves.

Even when time involved with sites like is well spent, though, nothing but being there can prepare a traveler for the experiences to be had on the ground. Most visitors will try to see several of Costa Rica's distinct biological environments during their stays, something that is made easy by how compact the country is.

That will often include spending some time along facts about costa rica shores, many of which are lined with soft, white-sand beaches that are regarded as some of the best in the Caribbean. It will also typically involve travel up into the interior rain forests, where so much precipitation contributes to a raucous profusion of life. Many travelers will also enjoy heading up onto one of the country's volcanoes, enjoying the dramatic views they afford of a country that has so much to offer.