Pregnant women have a lot to deal with as they await the birth of a baby. They are overjoyed at the impending event. There is the stress, especially for first time moms. Hormones are creating changes in your skin and your body. You are getting stretch marks, and dry skin at the same time. You are tired, weary, and wanting the whole thing to be over so you can meet the new member of your family and have your body back. You need a little pampering right about now. You need to relax, re-hydrate, and release some of that tension and stress.

Find a spa or salon that offers pregnancy and maternity massages. A prenatal body cocoon treatment, for example, relieves stress as it targets hydration and stretch marks. A steam bath will open your pores and release dirt and toxins from your entire body. You can get massages for your belly, your back, and your legs. Your neck and shoulders can also benefit from several different types of massages. Certified staff will cater to your every need, and make you feel like the center of the universe for a day.

Prenatal facial services include a deep cleansing facial that focuses on the acne and pigmentation blemishes that can be caused by hormones during your pregnancy. A polish treatment removes grime and dead cells from the first layer of your skin. Active ingredients in that formula are all natural green tea extract, aloe gel, and jojoba beads. It leaves your skin clean and supple. You will notice a glow, and a brighter tone to your look. You will feel rejuvenated and beautiful once that treatment is completed. All products used are all natural, safe for all skin types, high quality, reasonably priced, and not tested on animals.

The other members of your family can be pampered as well. Services for men and children are also available. Facials and massages for kids can be done while they are waiting for you. Men's services include facials, massages, ab sculpting, eyebrow shaping, and tattoo removal. Manicures and pedicures can be done on a walk in basis, if you are in a hurry. Everyone will be busy adjusting to a new addition once the baby is born. Pamper yourself a bit before the event, so you can be relaxed and re-hydrated when that day arrives.