NEW! Google Analytics Tracking for Facebook Instant Articles + All Tracking Options

We're a bunch of traffic junkies here at RebelMouse. We geek out over data, and we want our clients to geek out too over the insights we provide them. That's why we obsess over our clients' metrics on a daily basis. It's our belief that a clear understanding of data will drive strategy adjustments that lead to real audience growth. But this means that your traffic overview has to be as clear and easy to read as possible. Enter one of our latest updates.

A lot of our clients prefer to use a separate Google Analytics profile to track their Facebook Instant Articles traffic, and now this is incredibly easy to set up in our platform. We have a sophisticated Google Analytics integration that can accurately track every one of your UTM mediums, including Google AMP, Facebook Instant Articles, and traditional website traffic. It's a feature that, if we're honest, Google Analytics does very poorly on its own.

Setting this up couldn't be any simpler. Head over to the 3rd Party Analytics section of your stats dashboard, and paste your Google Analytics ID for Facebook Instant Articles in the field that calls for it.

Now your traffic is separated out and easier to dissect to help you make better decisions that will move the needle in the right direction.

All Trackers We Support on IA:

  • Chartbeat
  • Comscore
  • GA
  • Keywee
  • Parsely
  • Pubexchange
  • Quantcast