Configure Facebook Instant Articles with RebelMouse

As one of the first partners to power content through Facebook Instant Articles, RebelMouse makes it simple to create Instant Articles with features integrated right into our Entry Editor. Our team of creatives can:

  • Configure the Facebook Instant Articles app.
  • Provide guidance on how to get approved for Facebook Instant Articles for better content optimization + distribution.
  • Install the Facebook pixel for analytics tracking.
  • Set up Facebook ads and create a monetization strategy that keeps on giving.
  • Provide audience strategy on how to post the right content in Instant Articles.
  • Guide your brand's voice on Facebook to garner sticky, loyal audiences.

Ask Your Head of Digital Why You Aren't on RebelMouse

We work with media companies and brands of all sizes. Our client list and case studies are OMG. We clean up websites and modernize product to accelerate your business into the age of social. There's more money on the table than you may realize in getting this perfectly right. Please reach out. You can email us at or fill out the form below.